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  1. What channel has the most people on it o.o?
  2. O.M.G!!!! Thats what the problem was Thanks Fifin!!!
  3. UGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i quit thx for the help tho Dx!!!!!!!!! and is the last patch 09-2?
  4. That worked!, but is there maintnence cuz it says "failled to connect to Server Please check the website for latest information" Dx
  5. I still have the same problem Q _Q
  6. Turned off my Anti-Virus and re-installed it, and still have the same problem D:
  7. Thanks that worked, but now when ever i get to the server screen and click connect, my log in or anything doesn't pop up
  8. Everytime i bring the client up and click start, nothing happends Could i get some help?
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