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  1. You said "cheap items", how can you aim for that patk with those?
  2. 4k - 4.3k is enough (really hard to get high patk with cheap items) and 1.5k(100%) crit is actually the max crit chance you'll get, aiming higher than that is unnecessary.
  3. I have lae maxed on my inquirer but my equip turns red when I wear light armor.
  4. You don't need to restat in my opinion. Your stats seems fine for NH to be honest, you can 1 hit the mobs there with that patk so it's easy to farm. You can trade it for eva though. It's easy to construct 115 set since you're farming in NH, so better stack up those leathers and ore while doing so. Since you mentioned your destro, you can dual login and buff your bt for a beefy patk ;) You're welcome :> P.S. Are you a fan of Cryaotic by any chance?
  5. Can you provide us some values when calculating dex to critical damage? Cant you just limit it where the reduced crit damage should only apply in PvP and not PvE? I think it's a drawback for people who farms to be innocently affected by this.
  6. same, i quitted maybe 2 or 3 times and just came back a month ago lmao back then there were alot of westerners too
  7. Your 115 stats seems fine to me except for the crit and eva which you can get easily if you change your flicks/lb to eva (assuming you want your bt to be farming in nh, obviously you don't need strike there) and maybe have a rm to buff you for crit rate. with that, you dont need to max light armor expertise (you have high eva, no mobs can hit you so it's a waste of SP, that way you can lvl up other skills). Before deleveling though, you should've equipped 115 L.armor or (1) 115 daggger because 2 AK's passives don't work, only 1 AK passive applies.
  8. Oh, I must've overlooked it. Thanks
  9. My 115 L.gloves was destroyed when I was enchanting it from +0 to +1? Is that even possible?
  10. Yes, classic luna is fine as is and I don't remember saying that new features meant transitioning fully to luna plus. There are other ways obviously for example ie. improving the alker farming system, adding a house system where the players can design their homes just like in luna plus, and again, i'm not implying that they'll transition to luna plus, what I am saying is that take that idea that will be isolated and be implemented to celestia luna. I'm not sure how luna online's game engine works or how they modify it, but it they are familiar with the system then I think it's plausible to take a snippet and implement it to their server. If you understand my context, it's not necessary to put a date or a deadline to their plans, what I'm implying is that let the community knows they are up to something, that's all.
  11. P.S SETTING ASIDE JOURNEY TO PARASUS UPDATE I've been playing CL since 2009/2010 (can't remember) and quitted and returned for a few times. To be honest I don't see significant changes from 2009/2010 up to when I was peaked at playing, just recently did they fixed some skill bugs, added new maps etc. and I find it too slow (just saying, from my perspective don't judge me). I know they're just a small team and I wanna know how hard can it be to do that (dont flame me, I just want to know). I've seen some private servers with custom items (not edited stats but the aesthetics etc) and new maps, features which I know are younger than Celestia Luna yet Celestia Luna is incapable of. Some might say it's unnecessary etc, but it's not as long as players enjoy it. It would be awesome for the admins to share some to do lists of theirs to the players to get them motivated, excited, or letting them be involved by having suggestions about your plans for the game. I know some of their plans are not sure or not feasible yet but still they should let the players know what they're up to and show that they are doing something (no offense, i know you guys are doing your best), in a specified term. Will there be a very huge update waiting? If so, let us know. If not, then tell us that you 're planning to do it, or that's just it right now? Thanks :)
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