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  1. hail bio, when u gonna visit a game? i gonna play again because my pc broke

  2. Not quite, The actual meaning of "Dirty" means it has someones name on it either reininforce or enchant. Clean doesn't have these
  3. This is a problem with Windows. Resulting from an incorrectly installed OS, It will also be affecting some other aspects of the windows operating system (unless you are a power user it is unlikely you would notice the errors)
  4. Yes same with Doom and Condemned
  5. just off the top of my head Silent Hill Rose Maiden The Evil Within (Not Released yet) Daylight F.E.A.R Doom 3 Dead Space Condemned Fatal Frame Mostly older games now but scarier than most recent released junk (seriously slender man and amnesia these are just comedy)
  6. That is how to use Sudden Raid In answer to your second question you cannot buy SP
  7. learn stealth level 1 then you can use it. it can only be used whilst stealth is active. Zypher is used my pressing F1 to target yourself then using it, most buffs work this way as they are targeted skills
  8. Yes use highly concentrated materials to philo belts
  9. Biohazard

    Client Error?

    your anti virus has moved the file LUNAClient.exe. Restore this and add as an exception to your anti virus, It will be located under quarantine / virus vault
  10. Check in your Anti-Virus programs Quarantine / Virus vault for LUNAClient.exe if it is there restoring and adding as an exception will fix this problem
  11. You cant dodge all attacks, Almost everything there has an attack that can hit you regardless of evasion
  12. have you tried to use the teleport character function from our homepage yet
  13. Another name for it is Crafting Powder, Its function is to guarantee a certain type of crafting stat (Vit, Str, Dex, Int, Wis,) these can be anywhere from +1 - +25. These are not implemented in Celestia Luna so serve no function and is regarded as a trash item. Personally rather than throw it away i would keep it in storage
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