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  1. my god, i never knew these things existed. :rolleyes:
  2. please don't come back into the forums, your posts and grammar give me headaches. lol jk. till nxt time
  3. you must've seen Eon's char, Stasis
  4. Thanks! Here is the smaller version, is this ok now? Character name: Farmerino Cloak's name: Cloak of the Flickering Magic
  5. Character Name: Farmerino Cloak's name: Cloak of the Flickering Magic
  6. ❋Burning❋


    3 servers Those days when AK's cost a fortune, Kynee and Aias. Flick too. pretty much everything, I'd say that was the time when the economy was so balanced. Killing fairy queen and constructing winning powder. Medusa and E.bow were expensive as f***! Mage items where so valuable (INT) 20+ stat philos were above average already Looking in envy at people's stalls selling chival/farouk/T.belt. Looking up to players like Maix - rogue, Inul - mage, Dragon - fighter, etc. (I wonder if they're still playing or where they are now, if anybody knows them) and of course the ever cocky Saza :rolleyes: what were yours?
  7. Has anyone actually tried a P.def/Vit TM? Not one handed but still with dual daggers ofc. The reason behind this question is because too much eva is never enough eva. I mean, fearful blow, Rune impact, mage attacks, things like that. If you can't dodge it why not just tank it out and hopefully you'll be able to land a 1-hit blow or a stun to combo or something.
  8. Windows 7 for MAC haha dami kong tawa :lol: peace paps hahaha
  9. @105 if ur stat is full dex Chival = 135 + crit and 13% crit dmg / Chival = +15 str + 15 patk HBset = 135 + 165 + crit and 10% crit dmg / HBneck = +15 str + 7dex + 20pdef / HB Glove +20 str + 10dex -10vit though > pawns H.Glove P.def Downside of HBset = no 24vit bonus from Hset , -5 % pdef but can be compensated by pdef of hbglove and hbneck.
  10. possible to change pose of female destroyers? umm place the weapon on right shoulder maybe while idle :D
  11. hmm i pvped empunks once, he said he got 12k patk and 6pdef w/c is near impossible to achieve. Tsk3 that's why
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