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  1. a scroll than you can transfer your character to another account and loot filter box so we don't have to open our inventory to get rid of useless items and to prevent destroying useful items.. well some of my guildmates destroyed there items accidentally...i know that my 1st suggestion will increase the amount of people who wants to rmt but it can be useful to others..thanks! :)  

  2. im refering to pvp room and gw not in pve(well grand austrie got a high eva i already got a 300strike and still i always miss and my lvl is 123 ).. its hard for an AR to boost his/her attack physical attack just to kill a shield type and boost the strike at the same time to hit an eva type players.. and in gw you don't have anytime to buffs because once you move your dead XD ...and Figthers don't worry or don't sacrifice that much physical attack to get high strike because they are born with anti-miss skill (the fearblow and rune impact) and already got a high physical attack even at unbuffed. sorry for my bad english.and yeah only rouge don't have enchanced hp

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