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  1. I don't think your account would get deleted because of inactivity. I've been inactive a lot of times (the longest was a year, I think) and I can still open my accounts.
  2. What Who Why How

  3. Arto

    Now Playing???

    It might trigger seizures if you watch it though.
  4. Planned to use this day to study for finals tomorrow but ends up spending the day doing nonsense. Happens everytime. In fact, I wasted more of my time posting this ._.
  5. I like a lot of anime, but the one on top of my list would be Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. It's one of those "old but gold" for me.
  6. When there are events and I can't even participate in one because of timezone issues. OTL
  7. I don't see a reason why they would put even a map move scroll to the item mall. I posted this suggestion hoping to make things simpler and easier even by a bit, not to make it harder for everyone especially those who are still new to the game.
  8. My point for making this suggestion is not because I feel lazy doing all those stuff you said, but to make everyone's lives easier. If I were to choose among these: having to use the teleport function, stocking up on map moves, having the return point on alker, and having a permanent map move scroll, of course I would choose the last(or else i wouldn't even suggest this). I think it's more practical to have a permanent map move scroll than to do what was said above. And besides, it's only a suggestion. It's not like the higher-ups would accept this right away.
  9. Arto

    weird feeling

    Dude, don't worry, you're not alone. For me, this doesn't only apply to CL, but also to all the other games I play. I keep playing even though I got exams or schoolwork to do the next day.. and end up not getting enough sleep because of that. rofl
  10. Oh yeah I didn't think of that. Good thing I didn't really look at all suggestions manually..
  11. That is, if there's that bored person to do it for you. And at least people won't need to shout for help anymore.
  12. First of all, I'm sorry if this was suggested before. I don't have the luxury to look at all the suggestions. Imagine yourself going back to CL after a few days of being busy with life. You're at a map like Graves or NH and want to move to a town map. You opened your inventory and saw this blank inventory spot where a map move scroll used to be placed... <Insert rage and sad stuff> So yeah, I think it would be nice if the map move scrolls sold in Alker become permanent. I know that it's a hassle for most people to go buy map moves again when theirs expire, and I think making the map moves permanent would eliminate this issue. I think there won't be any negative effects on the server since all it does is make the map moves permanent. I know some of you will tell "Go stock up on map moves then" or "Go walk home crying" or even "Start living your life out there by making a family with pirates or austere," but my point is, wouldn't it be better if it becomes permanent instead? It saves a lot of time and space.
  13. Arto

    Just a random experience.

    Uhh of course that would be cute rofl. But in my case, we're both guys so yeah, it really is creepy.
  14. Arto

    Just a random experience.

    I guess I'll just keep ignoring him until he gives up on me. I don't really want some guy clinging onto me like that, it's creepy D;
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