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  1. or even kill your opponent since you are invulnerable for 3 seconds.
  2. Ü Boblax Ü


    Probably doing something , if you know what I mean . Hahaha :P
  3. Welcome , Enjoy playing Celestia Luna :) Welcome , Enjoy playing :) Welcome back ! Welcome, Enjoy playing this awesome game.
  4. What's on my mind ? Hmmmmm...

  5. I know many players wished to have cloaks with their country flag on it. I think this kind of cloaks where in luna gpotato. Well feel free to comment on this suggestion. :)
  6. Yeah but from what iAgito is suggesting is a 2-3 seconds invulnerability so the player can run / buff / etc.
  7. Problem getting into the game? message me :)

  8. Thankyou , I hope this will be approved by them :)
  9. Yeah, I agree to this suggestion. +1
  10. Hahaha , it's alright there's always a first time :)
  11. I already edited it. Thaaaanks cheesy :P
  12. yeah you can by trading or if the characters are on the same account you can put it on your warehouse so the other can get it.Yeah you can also transfer your fighter items to your entrapper, but since its fighter items your entrapper can't use it.
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