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  1. Me my suggestion for upcoming event is to able to Auto Detect those skill hacks players ingame. with these its improve the game economy and attract more supporter(donator) of the game to have our economy bigger and better. We love you CL...! Hoping for better...
  2. Meron po Globe at Tm pero 50php lng pede :) tsga nlng
  3. Im Suggesting if u can remove the DATE on an item name if it is permanent ... because someone of my buyer dont want to buy my items because of that ..
  4. XiaoNix


    Anyone help me pls pls pls i need now pls
  5. XiaoNix


    Pls help me i cant open my account/ he said im gonna give you 2k premuim points and i accept it now /my pass is changed /he change it pls Help me pls
  6. Ow okay Thanks for That
  7. Sir The Luna patcher or Luna Client ? i tried to delete the patcher and reinstall it but nothing changed
  8. ow Thanks :) i will try it now :)
  9. Take a Look, of my ScreenShot , There is no Howling Cave 1f and 2f there and Pvp Room,, i've tried to uinstall the game but still like that ..
  10. When We sTart DD with my partner always delay spawn mobs , we've been clear all mobs and ready to next spawn but too slow to respawn ... Can u check it GM ? Thanks
  11. XiaoNix

    Banned Account?

    I Appretiate Your Answer Thank You for that Sir .. And Sorry for what i post here :( Im Just Concern
  12. XiaoNix

    Banned Account?

    But i Dont know The Reason why iam Banned 5 days ... Im Really Play Safe Because i know that Staff Here Very Strict. but Since i've got banned... can anyone give me a proof ??
  13. XiaoNix

    Banned Account?

    I've Got Nothing to play ... Just Ur Server , and now i just banned and i dont know the reason :( :(
  14. XiaoNix

    Banned Account?

    Can ayone explain why my Account banned ??? I dont know why ? i check at Character Report but i didn't seen my Name There..
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