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  1. I am very bored,maybe i forget celestia for a while"Good bye :rolleyes:
  2. Celestia Luna will be stay in classic forever?? The max lv is 150?? Not dungeon update?? Wow,i must be ready to borred" :mellow: :mellow: :mellow: :mellow:
  3. yeah i agreed :rolleyes:, ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ the reason i dont move to another server is i am still believe the staf will update Celestia but if no evidence i will says good bye, , , "that is just a little opinion of one player,but if many player have the same think like that??" what will staf do?? I'll wait a bit longer for an evidence of an update" Love Celestia Luna
  4. We need evidence not just speaking" <_< I love this game, this server has more players online than any other server, but if you have never done an update then Celestia Luna could not compete with other servers, My Question: do we only get lv 150 then finish?? i am waiting for the next update, when going update talk less do more! love Celestian
  5. Evilicious


    try ghost tree swamp"~
  6. tower of death, awesome :wub:
  7. oneday when i was hunting wookis...when i hit the wookis like usually but something not usually happen, the wookis can speak n told me that he boring meet me,always hit by me n always killed by me... finally the wookis give me all kyne n golden axe that he have n the wookis is go from nera harbor n never comeback. some rumor said after that incident the wookis is be chef n never be pirate again~ the end. . . i am bored hunt in all place in celestia luna,grave,nera harbor,pvp tournament <_< i hope next update is update the monster n map" TQ"~
  8. GM,why in my map nera castle n harbor change to naila castle n harbor,,, that error or bug??
  9. in my map nera castle n harbor change to naila castle n harbor" <_<
  10. but i dont have problem before,,,huft <_< when black screen i must using teleport in web.n then is can be play again but then sometime happen again <_< tired teleport <_< hohohoho :mellow:
  11. server down??or just me?? went i change map some time it be black screen if this bug,please fix it,TQ :wub:
  12. but when i see the video luna plus,crusader is cool" :) maybe if the skill that not bug i will try oneday" :wub:
  13. magnus int can be strong pvp,if u can have m a 20k that will be awesome to PVP, the combo is Rune Impact-Holy Strike until last" :)
  14. crusader is bugged job,the skill is still bugged many people say that failed int type fighter,why u dont try fighter-guard-infantryman-phalanx-magnus full int n that will be awesome using dual athena" :)
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