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    Sent an email :( never did reply on my ticket? Maybe they didnt read tickets? its been two days.. Or does it really takes that much llong?
  2. sanden123


    Last time in use my account was around 2013 :D now its 2016 so 3 years right? Im pretty sure that my user account in intact with the password I chose since all my accounts were the same. But Whenever I login to the game it seems to be having an error? I can log in with my account in Forum but not in the Celestia Luna official web and also not in game? Was my account deactivated?
  3. sanden123

    missing items

    I played last 2012 in around June not specific, but I stopped playing because of college.. Its our semester break and I think "hey why not play luna again" What I notice was my bache PA perma is gone (Only specific item) my other items still in inventory, gold still here but my bache PA is gone.. :(( is there any possible chances I can retrieve it?? Srlsy no one knows my password or ever, and i know no one can access my account but me.. Im not sure how this happen but hope I can get some answers :( PLS and thank you to the ones who help :)
  4. im trying this path, but i didn't go full int! XD 50% int 50% vit in my stats, its kinda good actually Holy avenger's nice INT base skill.. with good items you can go imba, but its better in Guildwars (my opinion) because paladin don't rely much in buff, its mostly dependent in Passive skill.. and when you're in guildwars you don't have much time getting buffs and mostly paladin have imba HP so yah Guildwar this WIN! :) ps mostly ppl have low Magic def so INT paladin win +1 to this guide
  5. sanden123

    Doom burst

    ohhh thanks much
  6. sanden123

    Doom burst

    what happen to reflect skills?
  7. Wow this cost a lot with the reskill and adding of skills, they should put warning in that or something not all players know about it or can reskill anytime they want .. ~.~'
  8. I just got to lvl 105, i did choose the job (swordmaster) which i did successgfully no bugged here. but my problem was when i added some skills, like (dual wield skills) then i noticed something crazy? my Crit rate reached 429496512 and i have no idea what happened. What i did was i switched into 1h+shield but crit rate still the same.. then, i also noticed my 1h dmg also decreased.. now i know what most of all think was.. this was great or sumthing having a crit rate like that, but its not, i can't even have critical dmg, i tried in many mobs.. now i don't know what happen, and im very sure i haven't done anything wrong. A friend of mine (very old player in luna) said to me, i think the problem was the job it self, because i tried reskill cost (250m) ~.~" but still its the same i have no idea what to do now. Any help??? what should i do now? SS: http://sphotos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/942048_10201053357314988_499626447_n.jpg
  9. sanden123

    Doom burst

    Doom burst skill of knight i think? Is t still working???
  10. sanden123

    Doom burst

    Gumagana paba ung doom burst??
  11. sanden123


    bakkit pag i-start game ko di gumagana? mwlala lng ung launcher niya.. need help, bagohan lng po TY :)
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