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  1. for newbies like me can i use light armors to gain p.def in grinding?. and re skill when im done in grinding? hehe ^^
  2. Chibichy

    DD.. bug?

    yeah , it happens again i though it gonna work cuz when i re install it i can enter in DD once., then i re enter black screen again
  3. Chibichy

    DD.. bug?

    yeah but sometimes it happens again :) like now haha xD
  4. Chibichy

    DD.. bug?

    its ok now :p i just reinstall ^^
  5. Chibichy

    DD.. bug?

    am i only experiencing this? can't enter DD i goes black screen and nothing happens i re enter and the output is the same black screen..
  6. Chibichy

    DD Problem

    your from PH?. if yes, reset is at 4pm
  7. Chibichy

    Inquirer's LAE

    i can wear depraved set
  8. how about for people who does solo DD? :)
  9. this is nice guide i just followed it im 102 i have 6k m,a is that ok , and i have also 2.3k p.def is it ok? ^^ make another guide please :D ~Holy Taker is Fixed Damge?
  10. is it true holy taker is fixed damage?.. :o

  11. Fire Ball - lvl 6 <-- Wind Spike - MAX (your main AoE Skill to 75 lvl) Wizardy - MAX Intelligence - MAX Wisdom - MAX Spell Craft - MAX Spell Barrier - MAX 40 - 75 Sorcerer Fire Ball - lvl 5 <-- Wind Spike - MAX Blizzard - MAX Fire Blast - MAX Wizardy - MAX Intelligence - MAX Wisdom - MAX Spell Craft - MAX Spell Barrier - MAX --- Kinda confuse xD please explain ? why lv 6 became lv 5
  12. uhh.. Grinding at low level might be nice for beginners?.. i mean for really beginners started with zero?.. if you make DD unlimited would it make them suffer for grinding when they reach 100+? lv 100 without items?. without golds ? just an opinion :p no offence ^_^
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