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  1. You know what would be just swell for those of us with all the unbridled charisma of a Chipotle enema? A LFG system of some kind. You could have it work in one of two ways: Option A: You apply a search filter for certain prerequisites, in which the LFG feature randomly assigns you to players of similar level in your current area for a party with player chosen as leader at random. Option B: Players can create parties, then click on a Recruit icon. This icon then pops up a directory where you can list your party as open for players to join in an almost drop in, drop out type system. A player looking for a group opens that same directory through the LFG icon and can find a party suiting their needs. Naturally there would need to be a search filter to dim things down. Once a player has chosen a party to join, it sends a request to the party leader in the form of a non-intrusive pop up that reads something like "L18 {Fighter} Player 4 has requested to join your party. Accept? [ Yes ] [ No ]" Obv it would be up to the devs to figure out how/if they want to implement it and how to further refine it. But as a general idea what do you guys think?
  2. +1 good idea is good. I want a King Cobra
  3. Holy fawk those would be OP as hell .-. No I just meant for those to be like lvl 40 or 50 Pet skills that only lvl up once. If the skills upgraded as high as you have them then that'd just be far too much overkill. I also meant for "Long Live the King" to be what I call an "ass-saving" skill. It would also force you to choose between your other pet buffs and pet heal or save your own bacon at the cost of potentially killing your pet.
  4. It would be useful if we had an option to locate the hotkeys as we see fit, and/or had the ability to move with the arrow keys instead of having to click everywhere with the mouse (lord knows my mouse would appreciate it.)
  5. This feel in every MMO I play. I ask to buy a clean one and then somebody comes along with one that's all jacked up and amazing asking me to offer. Did I not just say I was buying it CLEAN? ENGLISH MOTHAH F**KAH, DO YOU SPEAK IT!?
  6. that would explain why I can't log in atm
  7. I'd like to recommend a couple of pet skills to bring in with an update: Holy Defender Boosts the target's physical defense, magical defense, and shield block rate by 15% respectively for 5 minutes. Library of Magus Boosts the target's Wisdom by 15 and magical attack by 10% for 10 minutes Rally the Troops Boosts the target's Vitality by 15 and physical attack by 10% for 10 minutes Long Live the King Sacrifice 95% Max HP and MP to fully heal the target's HP and MP (3 Minute Cooldown) Edit: To try and get rid of some confusion here, these would pet skills that would only have a Lvl 2 upgrade (with the exception of LLTK, which would not upgrade) and would only be available to higher level pets. Like around 40 or 50; if not higher level than that. As far as the website goes, could whoever runs the main landing page update to include a section with each of the 3 job trees and a description of each class? It's not really a necessity, it'd just be nice to have.
  8. Must be down for maintenance then.
  9. So last night this started popping up when I tried to run the client. I know it doesn't have anything to do with my firewall, celestia patch, ram, security settings or missing updates because i've checked all that already. I got it to run for about 15 minutes this morning and when I leveled up my Mercenary this happened again. I dunno what's wrong and I'm installing Windows updates now to see if that's the problem, but if one of y'all knows what's goin' down it would be much appreciated if help me out here. Edit: Changing the compatibility to Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5) seems to have fixed the problem for now.
  10. It works fine until I have to choose what server to join. After I click on Village it doesn't give me any further dialog for a while, and when it does it's one that tells me it couldn't connect to the server.
  11. I'd probably be enjoying myself immensely if the bloody launcher would connect to the server. :/
  12. Awesome! The only bad part is having to do all that work over again. Ay dios mio, this is going to be irritating. -_-
  13. I don't really know what language the people browsing here speak, so I figured I'd toss out a hello in the ones I know lol I'm assuming English is preferred language, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, you guys can call me Wolf. I did have one question before I downloaded this: Is this basically GPotato's Luna Online; the one that had to be shut down due to server issues? I've really missed that game in the time its been down T-T
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