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  1. ~StevenYuki~


    Hey dude ! I forgot, what was your real name again?
  2. IGN = MidorimaSteven

  3. Cheers For the GM! HOORAAAYYY! Meet ya Guys In-Game~
  4. Yeah! We should be grateful that some people are still working o it.. Just think about it.. Working about sth for more than a day O_o Not all people can withstand that XD
  5. I'm Eager to play anything... As long as it doesnt really involves Romance in it.. XD
  6. 9.53 here.. So... I just knew that having to fix some hardware issues IF i'm a GM will be this long.. Good Luck Fixing It GM!
  7. Ah! I've been hibernating since yesterday, hoping that the server would be up again... But unfortunately.. it hasn"t.. DX Is it going to be 24 hours? Who knows... That's 6h x 4... So... The event should be 4x bigger ._. But i don't think they'll give it that easy XD
  8. Relax Dude! If we have to play tomorrow, they might give us a bigger surprise ! :3 (Maybe ._.)
  9. @EsCorong See ya in NH 8 - Thats the place & channel i always grind at.. ^^
  10. @Craftist why thankyou~ i really appreciate that :) I'd also love to see your drawings~ And thankyou all!
  11. Otanjoubi Omedetou! (Happy Birthday~) Wish u another good year of Fortune and hope it to be a wonderful blessing to you~ May things turn out better in your 15th Year of Live. Once again, Happy Birthday!
  12. Ah! Dont ever give up for your dreams.. Maybe you can be a fine artist in the future XD Gambatte Yo~!
  13. Waiting for Io-san to come...

  14. Good Suggestion! I'll meet up Io-san if he's here XD (just kidding around) And btw.. It's still down DX
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