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  1. I've noted this bug when I was using another combination of equipments, but instead of lowering the status, it raised my PA (and, of course, it waas only visual).. I know it is annoying to change channels or reconnect to see if the value is correct, but it does not happen to all equipment. Until it get fixed It is the best way to check the real bonus of your equipment. I don't see it as a big problem, unless you change equipments very often.
  2. I dont see the need of a reskill in this case. There is a legitimate way to get back to low levels with all your skills, so a scroll wouldn't hurt the system. But, of course, the suggestion must be analysed, to find any possible abuse it may cause.
  3. I would like to suggest this. I think this kind of resource would be useful to many players. There are many reasons you may want to de-level your character. If you want to de-level now, the faster way is to obain many PK points and get killed many times by monsters. The side effect is that you don't get rid of the PK points easily. I remember that there were level up scrolls on the gPotato Luna, but since this game already has good exp rate, I think that level down scrolls would be more useful. Note that this suggestion is different from prevent leveling. I used the search button, and could not find anything similar.
  4. Yes, that was a typo. My keyboard sucks sometimes. There are other references to the serie. As part of the administrators team, we have an honorable member of the My Little Pony family, RainbowDash. Brandon is member of a group called Adminpony. I think there are many coincidences here. But maybe those are really just coincidences.
  5. Wich languages are allowed on this section? Only spanish, or any language from south america? (I speak portuguese)
  6. Ouch! In my defense I have to say that I am forced to watch the show because of the kids! ;)
  7. I know the origin of the name "Luna", but the combination of "Celestia" + "Luna" may not be a coincidence. I know that the animated serie was created a long time ago, but I don't know the acutal version, where both Celestia and Luna characters appear.
  8. Is there any relationship between the name of this game and the animated serie? I found out that "Celestia" is the pricess of Equestria, and "Luna" is her sister. I'm just curious about this, maybe it is not just a coincidence.
  9. Sorry Orange, I saw the last shout with your name on it, but I also saw others with the name of iLikeMove and waytoosexy. I though someone could be messing with the GM shouting. Anyway, since this was an oficial GM shouting, please ignore this report. It is an interesting to interact with the players. Are you going to do this often?
  10. Your Character Name: Peixonauta Offender: ??? (I can't really confirm who is shouting) Offense: Spam, Impersonating Did you warn them: No If yes, did they stop: No Proof: [screenshots] I found those shouts (green shouts, used by GM's) very strange, but if they are legit from GM's, please ignore this report.
  11. To gain some forum activity, you can go for example to the introduction forum. Post something about yourself there. Many people will reply, and you can answer freely. The off-topic section is great for discussions. Just be aware to not post something unnecessary on the wrong section. Usually answering an old thread (necropost), making questions already answered on the forums or double posting are the common errors for new players. You can keep the pictures of the bad mouth until you can post on the report forum.
  12. This post has an answer. http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/22235-movement-speed/?hl=%2Bbase+%2Bspeed#entry241237 Orange has stated that your base speed is around 510. This may help you.
  13. NunSayKenSoul

    Good Bugs

    The definition of "good bugs" is relative. I think that bugs must be eliminated, even if they give you some advantage, because of the balance of the game. Imagine if the invincible skill did not wear off. This would crush the game Of course, for balance purpose, the staff may keep an effect of modify some skill, but I think it must be done not because we are used to rely on those "good bugs", but because this will increase the game experience for everyone.
  14. I can say that this function worked on Luna classic (from Gpotato). I used it many times because my AOE required a target, and using the TAB button was the easiest way for me. On Celestia Luna, it stop working sometimes (I remember I have reported this bug), and you have to aim manually with the mouse. But sometimes, changing channels make this function work again, but not every time.
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