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  1. Just Saying xD Have a great day today people! :)
  2. It will be my Birthday soon!

  3. Mhai

    Farm class :)

    thank you about that xD I was like very confused then with what I aid when I reread :)
  4. Mhai

    Farm class :)

    Ruffian> Archer> Thief > Entrapper :) Refer to my Nera Harbor Farming Guide at the Guides section. There is a detailed info there~
  5. Hello!By any chance ikaw ba si Tony?

  6. Thank you for helping the people out, guys! :)
  7. Mhai

    Party War?

    That one's bugged I think~
  8. sorry about that~ xD well, this one's for you~ and thank you very much :)
  9. Mhai

    Pinoy Attendance

    6/26/2013 1. katebishop 2. rham 3. Mhai
  10. Entrappers really rock my world in farming~ The Extortion is really good!
  11. um.. is thanked? xD if anyone here know how to answer the questions given by players, please do answer them :) Thank you~
  12. basically, I think dual wielding is a complete 50/50 for option for the player. I don't recommend this because the Aias Shield is an awesome combination with the evasion of the Entrapper. The extortion is a great plus, but thats all I can say because I don't know much about the other classes of the Rogue family.
  13. Mages can sure farm awesomely because of the great Matk. And also, it is very affordable to start with a Mage since they can easily use any equips and can still farm. But being an Entrapper, the Extortion skill is at lvl 4 and there will be a much easier chance for you to get Equipment loots. I actually prefer being an Entrapper like what I've stated in this guide, because I can easily cast AoEs and gets the mobbing done fast.
  14. Thank you very much, Izzy! :)
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