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  1. You need to change your screen resolution to 800x600 aswell not just luna online. I can see that you arent using 800x600 resolution its more like 1366x768 resolution..
  2. outboxer


    this happened to me alot of times usually when using pet healing skill to other players
  3. ahahaha calm down : D
  4. i think after you relog it will return to normal
  5. outboxer

    Axe Destroyer

    Sword storm and wheel wind
  6. its better if you type it like this b>jol or b>jack o lantern because sometimes those who report tends to overreact they will report you without warning so better becareful. XD
  7. Go howling cave 2nd floor for leveling.. If you have enough money at least 50m above learn to make high guality ruby then sell it for8-10m/slot.. If you can do this over and over again you will have enough money to buy clean lvl80+ set either berserker set or 7 guardian set..
  8. You can dd 10 times a day and it will reset every 12:00 am server time, you can look the time on the celestialuna homepage..
  9. outboxer


    I will go for 150 ms cape
  10. Sir, Holy Taker has a 95% chance. Sometimes the effect [fix damage] will not work.
  11. outboxer

    Which one?

    Which one gives more physical defense? [level 115 light armor, shoes [vit craft] + Vestige Set] or [level 115 light armor set [vit craft] + legend of chivalry necklace]? thanks in advance!
  12. outboxer

    DD.. bug?

    this happen sometimes, just wait until they restart the server
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