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  1. This guide is from 2017, it's not old. We don't change exp or anything like that. This guide is still valid.
  2. Orange

    Lunar New Year 2020

    Ancestral Spirits are level 115+, the runaway dumplings don't hurt so they're for all levels!
  3. Orange

    Lucky Box 77

    You can only get it by donating, if you want to know more you can message me in discord.
  4. hey orange

    connection lost now T.T

    help me

  5. Were you throwing away items? Because the delete confirmation window does not mention any item name so you could have thought you were deleting something else.
  6. Antoni please read my message carefully, you didn't read patch notes either. We explained many times how shield training never gave blockrate, only the tooltip said that but the buff was never block rate, it was always shield defense, since 2010 always shield defense.
  7. Orange

    Winter Tide 2019

    Merry Winter Tide!
  8. If you read this in a guide please provide a link so that we can move it to outdated guides. All the stats that you see in your char info window are correctly calculated. Shield training never gave block rate, it always gave shield defense (defense added on top of physical defense, it shows as "Physical Defense 1000 +300"), players believed it because of the tooltip so it worked as a placebo.
  9. Why do you think your block rate is supposed to be 108%? where are you getting that number from? There is no 1 damage from monsters anymore, only when you block, otherwise if your PDef is high enough you will get the minimum damage, which depends on your level vs monster level, if the monster is much higher level than you you will get hit for more.
  10. Orange


    Strike is accuracy, it's the stat for physical attacks to be able to hit your enemy. Your chance to hit depends on your accuracy vs your enemy's evasion but it's not 1:1 ratio since there is no 100% evasion, you always have a chance to hit.
  11. Winners Announcement 1st Place - SeccciL & Clarentia 2nd Place - AutumnKen 3rd Place - Falyne Rest of the Top 10 Congratulations to all the winners! We loved every piece and hope to see more from you in the future~ All prizes will be delivered by December 7th, winners who must choose a prize will be contacted through private message.
  12. Orange

    Fan Art Contest 2019

    Winners will be announced on December 5th, good luck!
  13. Orange

    Fan Art Contest 2019

    You can add any touch of imagination, by "don't draw features not present in CL" meant things like rides and Luna+ things.
  14. Orange

    Fan Art Contest 2019

    you can draw them however you wish, that's what fan art is!
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