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  1. Orange


    Strike is accuracy, it's the stat for physical attacks to be able to hit your enemy. Your chance to hit depends on your accuracy vs your enemy's evasion but it's not 1:1 ratio since there is no 100% evasion, you always have a chance to hit.
  2. Winners Announcement 1st Place - SeccciL & Clarentia 2nd Place - AutumnKen 3rd Place - Falyne Rest of the Top 10 Congratulations to all the winners! We loved every piece and hope to see more from you in the future~ All prizes will be delivered by December 7th, winners who must choose a prize will be contacted through private message.
  3. Orange

    Fan Art Contest 2019

    Winners will be announced on December 5th, good luck!
  4. Orange

    Fan Art Contest 2019

    You can add any touch of imagination, by "don't draw features not present in CL" meant things like rides and Luna+ things.
  5. Orange

    Fan Art Contest 2019

    you can draw them however you wish, that's what fan art is!
  6. Orange

    my account

    Hi, please use our automatic recovery system https://celestialuna.com/account/recover , if you forgot your email or no longer have access to it you won't be able to recover your account.
  7. help me login stopped working


  8. Orange

    Fan Art Contest 2019

    You can upload it using the attachment feature on the forums or if it's too big you can use a website that doesn't delete uploaded images, such as imgur or an art website like deviantart, artstation, pixiv, etc (you must add that this art piece was for Celestia Luna Fanart Contest 2019).
  9. Orange

    Fan Art Contest 2019

    as long as the monster exists in the game sure
  10. Yes twitch videos show just like youtube videos, most video websites will embed and show the player right away!
  11. Orange

    Fan Art Contest 2019

    It can be drawn digitally in those applications.
  12. Fan Art is all about having fun and unlimited imagination~ Show your love for Blue Land in a picture! Event Period: November 18th - December 1st Rules Main fan art theme: My favorite thing in Blue Land / Having fun in Blue Land. No obscene or inappropriate content such as sex, violence, drugs, discrimination, etc. Your artwork must be yours and made only for this contest. If you enter art that was made long before or not by you you will be disqualified. Respect the guidelines and submit your art in time, late entries will not be accepted. The fan art must be 2D and drawn/painted by either hand or digitally. Screenshots, photos, non-2D work or line art is not accepted. (You must at least color or shade if you don't want to color your fan art) Each player is permitted a single entry. Using multiple accounts to enter the event is forbidden. The smallest resolution permitted for your entry is 800x600px. Your artwork mustn't contain features that are not present in Celestia Luna. Do not reply to this topic unless it's to submit an entry or ask a question. Sign your artwork and add a footnote that says "CelestiaLuna.com". This is required. Guidelines Small or bad quality images will be poorly judged, try to make your image at least 800px tall or wide and use PNG or maximum quality JPG(advanced). You will be judged on originality, try to draw something interesting, lively, fun or packed with action! Boring fan art such as a character profile on a white background will be judged poorly. Try to make your art colorful, full of life and detailed. Or at least one of those! Most of all try to have fun and do not rush it, poorly executed artwork because of rushing is never good! How to enter Upload your artwork somewhere safe where it won't be deleted or taken down if it's too big for a forum attachment (2mb maximum) and add your character name to your post. You can edit your post before the deadline to change your entry as many times as you wish. Prizes 1st Place: 1 Holo Angel Wings of your choice, 1 Holo Beats Headphones of your choice, 1 event pet of your choice (Aori/Haruna), 200 gems. 2nd Place: 1 Holo Angel Wings of your choice, 1 Holo Beats Headphones of your choice, 100 gems. 3rd Place: 1 Holo Beats Headphones of your choice, 100 gems. Top 10: Puppy Costume, Re-set bundle. Good luck and have fun!
  13. 32mb of what? Try disabling AA in launcher, disabling shadows, setting view effect/graphic condition to minimum and view point range to near.
  14. Welcome back! Don't forget to reach terms of service and patch notes to catch up~ There is an in-game event currently going on which will end on the 12th so don't miss out! Details can be found on our website or the event guide featured on the forum front page.
  15. It does, the numbers are low so if you take a lot of damage then you won't notice it as much.
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