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  1. https://celestialuna.com/account/recover
  2. There is no chance of recovery with an email that was deactivated for many security reasons, the main one being that anyone can re-create that email without the owner's permission.
  3. Are you using Yahoo? If you are and the address was de-activated at some point in time, you will not be able to recover anything with it. The reason for this: Yahoo allows anyone to re-create the same email address after it was de-activated, so anyone can claim anybody's email if they don't maintain it.
  4. Grappler is not enabled because he doesn't have working drops in Classic, some day we will add unique drops for him and enable him. Fairy Queen spawns in multiple locations around the rainbow on the map.
  5. Hai, can you help me? I lost my password, i remember my ID, nickname, and e-mail. But im forget password e-mail too. Can u help fix my celestia luna account?

    1. Orange


      You cannot recover an account without the email.

  6. A new gacha containing an all time favorite accessory featured in multiple colors and stats! This is a year-round gacha that will always be available. Colors: Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Purple, Aqua, Lime, White.
  7. We already have 2 sun items, it would be better to have some more unique looking items for that slot.
  8. Skills: Fixed weapon requirement for Rage Burst. Monsters: Balanced Ancestral Spirit stats and attack frequency. Maps: [Nera Harbor]: balanced spawn timers for pirates (lower) & bosses (higher). [Sahel]: balanced spawn timers for random monsters (higher) & blackhorn monsters (lower). [Oasis of Parasus]: balanced spawn timers for solo monsters (higher) & serpents (lower). Events: Moved LNY masks to Red Envelope. Multiple changes to Red Envelope drops. Increased craft material drops from Ancestral Spirit.
  9. There are multiple versions of the game. This is called Classic, the first and most stable and balanced version. All the other versions caused the servers to destabilize with bug abuse and hacking and ended up closed. Meanwhile we have been running for 10 years. That version you mentioned on Steam has been abandoned and dead for years now, that's why you came here isn't it? If you can't live without all those things you can play there instead, but I doubt you would find many other players playing there. We are constantly working on adding content and fixing bugs, if you want to help with that you can participate in our discussions and bug reports. But we will never "update the version" of the server to plus or that botched plus2/reborn version.
  10. Winners Announcement 1st Place - Cabbie @Cabbie 2nd Place - SilverDeer @SilverDeer 3rd Place - Reiwa @Reiwa Rest of the Top 10 in no particular order: @Quinque @nathallie16 @Akane Meourei @Nerus @brans @Zeareign1821 @Lylliana Congratulations to all the winners! To pick your prizes please contact Orange through forums or Discord!
  11. We want to add a mission board with repeatable quests where you can earn some tokens that can be exchanged for useful things. They would give useful amounts of experience as well.
  12. That thread is not a challenge for you to go and do every single quest, it's for whatever quest you decide to do and if you find any bugs you report them, we can't disable all quest level limitations nor make all quest items 100% drop rate, that would defeat the purpose of the quest, we want bug reports on quests as they are. We can lower kobold and lizardman costume drop rates. We specifically removed caves from teleport scrolls to remove easy access everywhere. So all in all, that thread is IF you find bugs, not to try and do every single quest you can.
  13. Every single skill that is for one-handed weapons works with dual wield as long as you are wielding that kind of weapon. For example skills for "1-handed swords" work while dual wielding swords. Skills that don't work with dual wielding are shield, 2-handed and specific weapon (bow, gun, staff) skills.
  14. I don't watch much anymore anymore, but back then Tokyo Majin and Blood+ are some of my favorites, but Eden of the East will always be my very favorite~ What about you? You didn't say yours
  15. Hi, try downloading using a download manager like https://www.freedownloadmanager.org/download.htm
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