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  1. Hi, thank you for your detailed post. While I agree that BT is currently overpowered, you are forgetting mages, mages are the counter to rogue's evasion, they even have beholder to counter them as well. This is not saying we will not be looking at BT but you should not omit the other class when talking about balance between classes!
  2. You can't reskill while dual wielding. Unequip your weapons.
  3. Orange

    Event Ribbon Rewards

    You can obtain ribbons by crafting all other event tokens into ribbons. 5 event tokens = 1 ribbon, check your crafting window!
  4. Orange

    Event Ribbon Rewards

    Sorry I don't understand, can you explain?
  5. Well you can always invite friends to join you!
  6. This guide is from 2017, it's not old. We don't change exp or anything like that. This guide is still valid.
  7. Orange

    Lunar New Year 2020

    Ancestral Spirits are level 115+, the runaway dumplings don't hurt so they're for all levels!
  8. Orange

    Lucky Box 77

    You can only get it by donating, if you want to know more you can message me in discord.
  9. hey orange

    connection lost now T.T

    help me

  10. Were you throwing away items? Because the delete confirmation window does not mention any item name so you could have thought you were deleting something else.
  11. Antoni please read my message carefully, you didn't read patch notes either. We explained many times how shield training never gave blockrate, only the tooltip said that but the buff was never block rate, it was always shield defense, since 2010 always shield defense.
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