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    Player online

    Not all active users are registered for date matching and it changes depending on the time of day, during peak hours there can be 900+ players online.
  2. The drop rate (with server rates applied) is 0.65%, so you were unlucky. We will raise it next patch.
  3. You will have to read patch notes to catch up: https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/forum/67-patch-notes/ There are now daily rewards, static seasonal events and weekly sales beside those patch notes.
  4. When was the last time you played? then we can tell you what changed so far!
  5. You are correct, Shrewd Spell level 4 is what gives 40%, level 3 gives 35% so it's a tooltip bug. Fortunately we will be fixing all tooltip bugs in the next big patch!
  6. Please pay attention to the front page of our forums, there is a guide there. This issue only happens with outdated antiviruses, please update your antivirus or switch to a more popular one that keeps their virus DB up to date.
  7. Hi, check your graphic card settings and leave most options to "Let the app decide" or something similar, instead of enforcing settings such as anti-aliasing and others.
  8. Hi, thank you for your suggestion. However, we have said before that last tier would be an "ultimate" version of your lv 105 job, some jobs may have more than 1 option but most jobs will only have the 1 upgrade option. We are also not looking into adding new weapon types and everything that entails with it.
  9. The issue is not Rune Master lacking skills, the issue is Cardinal having too many skills. Think on that. Cardinal is a support class, but it get 20 buffs, 10 heals, 10 attack skills, 10 cc skills (not real numbers, just approximation) while other classes don't get that much. The real solution here is to take a closer look at Cardinal.
  10. Thank you for the huge effort @SilverDeer! Currently we are working on having the Flora Festival out so that we can focus on finishing the next patch while our players enjoy the event, so I will read everything and reply with a thorough reply when I can. Tooltip bugs can be omitted, things like vague descriptions, missing info in description (numbers, etc), tooltips not updating with every level of the skill and so on. We will be doing an overall tooltip rewrite for all items, skills and buffs for the next patch. For skill bug reports please do give a detailed description on what you think is wrong, for example in your first list of skills nothing was said about what was wrong, which leave us guessing sometimes. Thank you again!
  11. It's not a bug. You can't recover accounts with re-created/recycled yahoo emails, addresses that went inactive after the account was created and then were re-registered, which anyone can do thanks to yahoo's horrible practice which is a security risk, and for which reason recovery functions do not work with recycled emails.
  12. INT does not affect buff skills
  13. https://celestialuna.com/help
  14. Orange


    Buy a pet revival scroll (potion with wings) from a pet vendor, double click it and drag the dead pet into the revival window.
  15. Orange

    Pet's Bug

    Can you provide a screenshot of both pet tabs?
  16. It's not that low. Remember that if the name of the monster is gray then you won't get any drops from it.
  17. Yes. You must be in level range of the monster to get the drop.
  18. That's an error on the donation page, however some costumes like Angel, Demon and Demon Hunter are different in PD. But Cloud Rider and Flame Order are 4/4.
  19. Submit a ticket: https://celestialuna.com/help
  20. No, Pdef is perfect where it is, we will fix evasion and critical damage.
  21. Yes, rogue is overpowered right now, for that reason we will be looking at critical damage reformulation and capping evasion so that you can't evade all attacks all the time.
  22. A scheduled maintenance will start at 6:55 PM Server time and is expected to last around 2 hours. This maintenance is to fix lag during peak hours, no other changes or updates are happening during this maintenance. We will reply to this post when the maintenance is over.
  23. You will never get enough evasion as a fighter tank so instead worry about HP, HP recovery and block and stop thinking that you should be able to tank 20 monsters without any potions or healing.
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