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    You will lose a lot of EXP, even if you wear exp protection.
  2. Orange

    Mace 1h lvl105 ?

    Here you go:
  3. Winners 1st Place - LaylaCrus Top 3 (excluding 1st place, in no particular order) Faithe, MamaPapaLarang Top 10 (excluding top 3, in no particular order) Otama, iMoonshine, Pururin, Dorabae, Sathi, Knute, excei Congratulations to all the winners! Everybody submitted such great entries in our very first Beauty Contest, it was very hard selecting the winners. In fact, we were having such a hard time that we decided to use player votes in future events of this kind. Thank you to everyone who participated in the event, all rewards will be awarded by the end of the day.
  4. Orange

    Beauty Contest 2019

    Hi, you can press f12 in game and it will save a screenshot to your game folder!
  5. Orange

    Beauty Contest 2019

    Hi, monsters can't be part of the foreground and must be in the background, this is about your character's style!
  6. Still has the issues I mentioned. Images not working, tells user to learn shield skills such as blunt shield which don't work with dual wield, doesn't mention job passives.
  7. Hi, please read our account recovery policy:
  8. Orange

    Beauty Contest 2019

    Hi, the shot can't have naked characters.
  9. Orange

    Beauty Contest 2019

    Remember that other players, monsters and NPCs can't be part of the foreground!
  10. Orange

    Beauty Contest 2019

    Hi, we can't judge your character's looks with a screenshot like that because we can't really see them.
  11. Orange

    Beauty Contest 2019

    Hi, your screenshot has your character too far away, we can't judge his looks like this.
  12. Orange

    Beauty Contest 2019

    Hi, this entry is not valid. Please read contest rules carefully. You can't have other characters in the foreground, this is about YOUR character's style.
  13. Orange

    Beauty Contest 2019

    Hi, please use English. Your entry is not valid, it must show your character in the foreground and everything else on the background. This contest is about the looks of your character, not a group shot. Please look at all the other entries for examples.
  14. Orange

    Beauty Contest 2019

    Images must be taken in current maps!
  15. Orange

    Beauty Contest 2019

    I made the rule about not having anything besides your character in the foreground a little clearer. This is about character style, everything else must be in the background. Your entry right now is not valid. You can use any armor/outfit, accessories, weapons and even pets!
  16. Welcome to our first ever beauty contest~ Do you think you have a unique and original style? Prove it! Take a screenshot of your unique style in an appropriate setting and post it here with your character name to join. You must follow game and contest rules to be eligible, breaking game rules will lead to a ban, breaking contest rules will lead to disqualification and you will be forbidden to join the next event. Rewards 1st Place: PD/Gacha costume of your choice (only costume, full set) + top 3 reward + top 10 reward Top 3: 150 Gems + 300 event ribbons + top 10 reward Top 10: 50 Gems + 100 event ribbons All valid entries: [1] 100% EXP Scroll The winners will be selected by the admins. Contest Rules Do not break game rules, especially bug abusing to access unreachable locations. Screenshot cannot be edited in any way, no filters or color correction either. Screenshot can be cropped, but you will lose points if you crop too much because location is also part of the contest. You can wear as much or as little as you wish. It can be anything, doesn't have to be a costume, it can be armor as well. (Entries without a body armor/outfit are not permitted) You can use motions and face emotes, but not skills. You can't copy others' style. (only counts for exact same items, if you add/change items it's ok) Screenshot must contain only your character in the foreground. (if it has other characters they must be not part of the picture, far background, NPCs and monsters must not be part of the foreground and must be in the back) Screenshot must not contain interface or chat bubbles. (Ctrl + Z will hide interface, chat bubbles can be hidden in options) You can edit your message to change your entry before the deadline. Remember, location is also important! Be original! Only one entry permitted per player. Using multiple accounts to enter the contest is forbidden. Example Entry Contest automatically ends on October 1st 0:00 UTC. Good luck and show us your very best style~
  17. Hole, el juego solo viene en Ingles.
  18. We are working on several pvp and gvg features at the moment but that doesn't mean we can't let players try and make up their own fun events.
  19. Celestia Luna Staff disclaimer: this is a player made event, the only rules we will enforce are our Terms of Service! And remember, don't share your ID & password with anyone you don't know or trust. Good luck and have fun!
  20. Orange

    change name

    Hi, you can change your character name through private donation, you can message me on discord or forums to get more information about that. If your character name breaks our terms of service it will be changed by the staff but you have no choice in what it will become instead.
  21. You can find the button to change your profile cover image on the top right corner of it.
  22. Hi, welcome back! Make sure to read our patch notes to see what's changed before you dive in. You can find English speaking players on Alker Ch1 and you can shout for an English speaking guild through megaphone!
  23. Well first of all there is no 100% evasion, there is always a chance to hit. A player starts with a 75% chance to hit at all times, then the game takes into account the difference between the attacker's accuracy and the target's evasion (negative if accuracy < evasion, positive if accuracy > evasion, this means if you have more accuracy than the enemy has evasion you have more than 75% chance to hit). A good tip is to have at least 50 accuracy below your enemy's evasion, so if their evasion is 300 you should have 250 accuracy.
  24. Temper Master is fine but the best rogue class for farming is Entrapper. Rogues don't use defense they use evasion instead.
  25. Orange

    Music Box

    The music of each map is selected according to its theme and ambient. It's very easy to disable music and put on whichever music you prefer instead. You can find all the BGMs in your game folder.
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