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  1. #1 Some players haven't caught up yet but you get 5 levels per job, max lv5 skills that you only get at lv105 jobs aren't unique to sniper/panzer, that's just how it works. The fix is not giving a higher level skill but adjusting the patk amount you get from musket training. #2 This will be fixed next patch. #3 We increased the range of all gun skills because they were too short, especially for sniper, we just haven't changed the names of the skills yet. #4 This will be fixed next patch. #5 I will check this later. #6 We could give a few more levels of this skill but working on the amount of accuracy it gives would be good too. #7 A good suggestion, will consider it. #8 A good suggestion, will consider it. And about the SP, many jobs need to have an SP balance. Some mage have the right balance, making you choose skills wisely, while other jobs don't require you to use all your SP to obtain all the skills, which should be adjusted. Our next goal is to fix all skill bugs, the rework might not come until the patch after, depending on the work load. My vision for musket jobs is for sniper to be the longest distance assassin, surpassing bow but with less survival, a glass cannon type of job, and for panzer to be a medium distance, shorter than bow, more AoE and CC based similar to treasure hunter. Thank you for suggestions and review of musket jobs, a thorough and well written post!
  2. You requested it be brought back to sword only, there are already too many sword only skills. I would consider making it no-weapon requirement but not sword-only.
  3. It's not a bug but a technical "issue". Unlike targeted skills which assert damage as "from attacker to target" and hit the target regardless of their position after skill cast is completed, AoE skills search for targets in the AoE area coordinates when the skill begins to cast. This means the game tells the server to search for targets around specific coordinates, when you start casting those skills it tells the server the coordinates of the enemy you had targeted, but by the time it is done casting and searching for targets around those coordinates the targets have already moved out of the damage zone. You can see this happening with other AoE skills that are cast around the player, monsters who were initially next to you when you started casting and then moved past the AoE zone still get hit, while monsters that were still too far but got next to you by the time you were done casting the skill didn't get damaged. We will certainly look into a workaround in the future but won't make any promises.
  4. Orange

    "My guild"

    Guilds need many members to up point fast, it will take you a while with few members, just enjoy the journey~
  5. Orange

    "My guild"

    So cute
  6. Getting all the good skills on sword at no cost is not not how it should be, it's imbalanced. Let's review all the attack skills fighters get and to which type of weapon: 1-h skills 2-h skills no weapon skills 8 (2 AoE, 6 single) 9 (1 AoE, 8 single) 4 (1 AoE, 3 single) Windy Slash Strike Attack Boost Light Sword Bloody Sky Sword Storm Rage Sword Fearful Massacre Dual Blow Crash Blow Bleeding Blow Uppercut Boost Heavy Sword Wheel Wind Flame Smash Earth Wave Fearful Blow Cruel Sword Body Check Rune Impact Holy Avenger Holy Strike Weapon type restriction only, there's no 1-h or 2-h restriction on these skills. Sword skills Axe skills Mace skills 3 (1 AoE, 2 single) 0 (0 AoE, 0 single) 0 (0 AoE, 0 single) Sonic Boom Double Sonic Blast Spinning Sword The change should be to remove sword storm and replace it with lower levels of spinning sword and increase the level of spinning sword for swordmaster path jobs instead.
  7. Resolved in discord, the issue had to do with the user's operating system.
  8. Well, just like this error says, you should run Patcher.exe. That is our launcher and patcher and it is required to start the game.
  9. Welcome to the server! People usually hang out in Alker Harbor, you can click the download button on my messages or on https://celestialuna.com this is also where you create a game account. Join our discord to chat with other players and ask for help if you need it! https://discord.gg/vSUjnuZ Some things to know for newcomers: You get 10 date dungeons a day, not gender locked. You can buy potions and other consumables and low level crafting items from Alice in Alker Harbor next to Tasartia. Job change is instant and doesn't require any items or steps, you can check your job tree on character info window. EXP rate is high and quest EXP is not affected by it, therefore simply farming monsters is way faster than doing quests. Gem Store cosmetics are all permanent. https://celestialuna.com/itemshop/ You can only open a vending booth in Nera Castle (one channel map) Make sure to read our terms of service! https://celestialuna.com/tos/
  10. Items: Changed default Cute Bikini costume to look the same on both races. Changed default Surfer Boy costume to look the same on both races and updated texture with higher quality. Updated texture with higher quality on Speed-e Swimsuit. Changed Affectionate Guardian's Amulet effect to give 2~10 VIT or 2~10 WIS. Changed Wise Philosopher's Amulet effect to give 2~10 INT or 1%~5% Mag. ATK. Changed Charging Berserker's Amulet effect to give 2~10 STR or 1%~3% Phys. ATK. Updated head accessory signs texture. Updated the remaining Gem Store flower trinkets to the correct stats. Fixed many head items not showing through costume head pieces. Fixed Beach Beauty head piece, winter earmuffs showing head items through them. Lowered negative stats on Ice Queen's Staff from -15 VIT to -10 VIT. Fixed stats on Champion Street Fighter gloves & shoes. Fixed wrong category of material items in crafting interface. Changed Heavenly Archangel Wings speed from 32% to 35%. Changed Earthen Archangel Wings physical defense from 2% to 3%. Pets: Adjusted size of Aori, Haruna, Ruri pets. Event: Summer Solstice now active!
  11. Good luck and happy hunting!
  12. Select your preferred forum event and it will be the next one! Fan Art Contest: No theme, just draw your Luna heart out! Design a Costume: Design a male+female costume, winners might be added to the game in the future! Beauty Contest: mix 'n' match armor, costumes, wings, accessories, background setting and poses to make the best beauty shot!
  13. You impersonated a GM, you made a character called GMCelestiana and GMOrangeLCS. Impersonating a staff member is against our terms of service. https://celestialuna.com/tos
  14. Currently there is no technical distinction between wand and staff, however, we have mentioned previously that we're going to fix that and skills that say "staff only" will require you to wield a 2-handed staff in the future.
  15. Upcoming summer costume variations~


    1. Ban


      SAO costumes please? :3

    2. kikijo


      Aww.. Boy black n red swim suit looks cool, luv the color  ❤️

    3. can i get uhhh

      can i get uhhh

      i love the pink one, 😍

      now sbb next ? hehe

  16. Moved to Indonesia section, you can only use other languages in global section, in other sections you must use English
  17. Orange

    Flora Festival 2019

    Thank you for your report, this was fixed.
  18. Items: Changed the look of back accessories obtained from lucky boxes (Icarus Wings, Twinkling Star Balloon, Desperado of the Coast Little War Zeppelin) Changed the speed bonus of level 25 wings from 17% to 18%. Changed the speed bonus of level 50 wings from 35% to 25%. Added a new tier of craftable wings at level 100 with a speed bonus of 30%. Changed flower trinkets from character bound to tradeable.(Only for newly purchased trinkets, from this day, old trinkets will get updated later.) Changed flower trinket stats from 10 STR/DEX/INT/VIT to 18 STR/DEX/INT/VIT and from 5 WIS to 10 WIS. (Only for newly purchased trinkets, from this day, old trinkets will get updated later.) Added new crafting material for new wings: Magical Pegasus Feather. Drops from Pegasus in Fairy Valley. Maps: Changed the appearance of Fairy Valley for a new story line. Monsters: Changed the appearance of plantis and treants in Fairy Valley to suit the new color palette. Events: New static event now available yearly, Flora Festival, with unique items, drops and monsters.
  19. Good luck and happy hunting!
  20. Orange

    Gold efficiency

    No, he means if you have edited equipment, also known as PD (Private Donation). You can read about that here: https://celestialuna.com/pd-info
  21. Orange

    Restoration Gold

    Hi, unfortunately we do not restore gold for wrong purchases. It is the player's responsibility to ensure that what they're buying and what they're paying for it is indeed what they want it to be. There is a confirmation window when you buy something from a vending booth with the gold amount properly separated by commas as well. Because of this we do not provide support for wrong purchases. Item descriptions and 95% of item icons are unique to ensure that scamming cannot occur if a player pays attention to what they're buying.
  22. You can PM me on discord and I'll let you know. You can't exchange 2x old weapons for a new one, only upgrade.
  23. You can't exchange anything you buy either from the Gem Store or through PD, why would we allow to exchange these weapons? They were the top weapons for many years, so it's like you want to exchange something you bought a long time ago and had used for years. That is not fair. It's still the best weapon from Lv100 to Lv135. You can upgrade the weapon through PD to the Lv135 version for a fee that is cheaper than buying a new Lv135 HC weapon, but you will lose reinforce/philo.
  24. it's not duped it's just bugged, when you see items like that contact me through discord and it will be replaced.
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