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  1. What's on my mind? Potato.

    1. Mariena


      you read my mind yeah yeah

  2. DO NOT learn Fire arrow, maybe you dont know but if your enemy move and you use Fire arrow that's for nothing because its bugged. But its usefull for level. But its usefull for level.
  3. Honestly, i had been reading the guides of arch rangers, and i just laugh xD that's not the guide, this is the real one. There's 3 Paths: 1- -Rogue -Voyager -Archer -Ranger -Wonderer -------> This is the real path, the one everyone should to have, It gaves a lot of Attack Speed, and on an archer, Attack speed is very important. 2- -Rogue -Voyager -Archer -Rune Walker -Wonderer -----> This one is for CRITICAL DAMAGE only. 3- -Rogue -Ruffian -Archer -Ranger -Wonderer -----> 50% attack speed 50% Damage. Of course the best one is Attack speed path, it works better on human, but if you want chose elf, you will need the Foil, because its not enough attack speed. Stats: -Be full dex, if you can try mix Str and Dex, but be sure you have more than 1,1/2k crit before that. Skills: Since lvl 1 till 105, you can choose the skills you want, you'll need a Reset Skill at level 105 at 105 class wonderer learn: -Every Buff - Lvl 1 Magic arrow - Lvl 1 Smoldering shoot - And all Passive skills you can learn with the SP left. (Focus on Bow training,Blinsade and Death Sign) After level 113, try learn Rapid arrow and Pouding Shoot. Do not learn Light Armor expertise, at this times at pvp map, no matter what you do, you will die in 1 hit. Equip: - Dark Night Trail neck and Dark Night markers gloves. -Tarintus Belt Log master (adds 5% crit damage) or Tarintus Weapon (Optional, Adds Physical attack) - Eurayales bow +12/13 till 115, try get Bow lvl 115 +30 str with high Str philo and use Physical attack rein. -Physical attack mirror. -Hators: Str (Mix dex if its possible), Or physical attack. -Flickring,Hegemonic every earring you want, with Str (Mix dex if its possible), or physical attack. - Armor and Shoes, gardener armor and shoes till 115, then use light armor level 115 with +25/30 str craft and high Str rein - Light armor shoes level 115 with +90/100 Movement speed rein. -Costumes: Bwl, Crit Slime or Angry Blue lizard, Panda or Vip marine gloves and Panda or Vip Marine boots. The Movement speed on archer its very speccial too, you will need it. Tips: At level 113, you will have Pounding Shoot level 25, its a great stun, 90% chances and 6,2 seconds of stun, its very usefull. When you fight on pvp, duels, try use Rapid Arrow and be far of your enemy. (At mages Pounding Shoot its the best skill you can use) DO NOT learn Fire arrow, maybe you dont know but if your enemy move and you use Fire arrow that's for nothing because its bugged. But its usefull for level. At mages, tanks or deff type, try this combo: Pouding shoot > Magic Arrow > Rapid Arrow (It push your enemy) > Pouding shoot and repeat. And last tip, try get the Altair's Bow, adds +1 to your Buff Fast Reload (adds Attack speed) For strike just wear the same equip but with strike philo, for eva too, same equip, but try use Vestige set. Thats all thanks for watch~
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