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  1. this is the screenshots with my friend when hunting wookis last night... it sure is fun~ if you guys online, dont forget to PM me... we will hangout again :D
  2. have immortal, invincible body that wont aging forever. have the ability to change gender, appearance and age. having magic, telekinesis, and supernatural ability.
  3. I've finished making a animation with complicated (atleast for me) move.... and he can talk. cekidot~ (check dis out :P )
  4. thanks for the info... it's really help... if he got permanent ban, I feel pity to the poor guy... when I read the rule, I see note of "rights of celestia game staff".... why it doesn't have "rights of player"?
  5. there is someone who asking me to change character/account with him... when I read the rules it's more like scamming... is it bannable?? I just curious :3 the picture: if it's bannable, I dunno what kind of word to report it... can you tell me, is it harrasing or scamming?? because he force it to me... :wacko:
  6. I think it'll be cool if we have npc who manage it. like, if want to join pvp must pay up, and we get random enemy with different 5 lv , then duke it out, whoever win get the money...
  7. blue book blue book blue book...... (read faster)
  8. bosan~~~~~~~ enaknya ngapain yakk.................... cuma nongkrong2 doank nih... ada ga yang maw gw getok?? tapi jangan balas... hahahaha
  9. before, I got stuck by rigging and skinning for animating objects... I study it again and again but cant get the answer... after months study, (I'm stupid, just for one subject I need to spent months to understand it T.T) atleast I got the hang of it... it's still small improvement though, but I feel like I have climbed the wall :D this is my pictures... still mess up position, but atleast it's not just standing straight anymore.. before: after: Update! 4/13/2014 using feet Update! 4/14/2014 Eyes and body movement that's it for now... the next time will be (I hope it will come true) animation where this character moving... cya~
  10. Suatu malam ada Kunti bawa anak kecil yang lucu, pintar, rajin menabung.Tetapi anak itu Mirip sekali dengan GoldenDuck yg sekarang sedang sakit jiwa di dalam kubur. Dia akan dibawa oleh seorang yang bernama Austere untuk dinobatkan menjadi seorang Penyanyi Cilik bernama Sikut Ang Barendo. Mereka pergi untuk bertemu dengan Wokies yang katanya akan memberi sesuatu berupa sarung ajaib serta kolor berwarna hijau yang akan digunakan untuk melakukan perbuatan jaga lilin di Kentuc** Fried Chicken yang biasanya diramaikan dengan penampilan Cherrybelle dan coboy junior. Dan akhirnya ADA JKT48 YANG akan membawakan sebuah lagu yang berjudul Oplosan. Katanya, lagu Oplosan akan berakhir setelah tengah malam, namun setelah tengah malam tiba2 muncul sesuatu berupa bayangan putih, Ternyata pak ustad yg datang untuk mengajak Wokies bertobat. Tetapi Wookies malah melarikan diri bersama Cherrybelle dan JKT48 ke suatu tempat untuk memulai kembali ritual jaga lilin. Akan Tetapi Farhat Abbas makan cabe sambil main Celestia Luna dan menggaruk bagian belakang kepala seorang PREMAN TAMAN LAWANG. Kemudian preman tersebut Berlari ke sungai lalu berenang menuju tempat persembunyiannya di Lubang tikus dan langsung goyang oppa gangnam style. preman tersebut pergi
  11. yeah that's true!!! I was make a pure path before lol... I just try it to see the game... but somehow in the middle got really hard...
  12. yup... kalo kaga, login pake hp trus voting... ga tau bisa ato kaga... denger dari temen sih, tapi ga pernah coba...
  13. oh... so it's not just me... I'm glad... :D but it's still feel weird :P
  14. yeah, it's for kill time. that's why I say it's kind of pointless... :rolleyes:
  15. man, sometimes I got De Ja Vu. like right now, when I posted something, I feel like I have done it before, but I never done it. I feel like to tell some stories of my life when i got DeJaVu. there is time I dream about someone and talk to him, and after several days I meet the person in my dream!! can you believe it? and there is a time, when I was a kid, I feel like going through full day for 3 times. in first day, I'm crossing the road. and I got hit by a motorcycle, it's minor injured, so I just walk until home. the second day, I dont have any injury but that incident got happened again. in the third day, I dont have an injury too and when I want to cross that road, I got the feeling something big will happen. I wait for a moment, then I take one step, the motorcycle passing me right in front of my eyes. I got suprised. when I got home, I try to remember what happen today. I notice have going through that day 3 times. when I try to remember the day, I remember in second day I was accidentally once look at the calendar and seeing today is saturday. you know what? when I check it again, it's still saturday. it's make me shock that I can remember that day until today. and there is one, when I still in elementary school, I dream about person too, we talk in front of my school gate. it's when I was in class 5 or 6 I think, and when I go to middle school, I find that person for the first time! I got scared by myself. I ask him if we ever had meet even once, he says he don't know me. but I know him, and I know his name. and when I check the attendance list, his frist name is exactly like what I call him in my dream!! oh god... I lost my mind back there. I never dream like that again until last year, I dream someone again, and I fully conscious in that dream that it feel like it's real. I even pinch my cheek to prove it, and it doesn't hurt so I know it's a dream. do you know awake in the dream? that's what I through. it's in school again. but not like normal school, feel like university. I meet someone jerk that I feel like I cant be friend with him, but I still talking with him like we normal friend. when I woke up, I still remember the dream and I write it in my book. the description of the face, clothes, his way of talking, and the place where I meet him, but I kind of forgot of his name. one year has passed. now this year, I'm going to an university, if I ever find that person, I don't know what to do. maybe fainted or freak out, dunno. but I hope I not find him. in another side, I kind of hope to see it because I just meet him in my dream. that's my experience by DeJaVu. it's weird, it's hard to understand, even I hard to explain. maybe it's just my imagination, but it's my real experience. did you have one? do you never have it? or... do you in the middle of it??
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