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  1. each monster has its algorithm i guess.
  2. Victorique

    Enchant Rate

    Hi, I wanna ask something about enchanting success rate in celestia luna cuz when I played other p.server before, the admin managed to find it and posted it in the guide. maybe celestia staff can do the same too? hehe. thanks anyway :D
  3. It doesn't exist in luna classic, It only exists in plus I guess. idk
  4. Hey, Since Christmas Day is near, I suggest that we have a christmas event :D And I think It would be good If we have one since it is annual hehe.
  5. Woah. Thanks Orange! It's finally downloading the patch.
  6. When I teleported to the Cave in Date Dungeon, it's said that the game files are corrupted so I decided to re-install the game. When it was done I was feeling weird because It's supposed to download 2 or 3 patches. I realized that when I traded with someone, the gold limit I can put is only 4b. That was just now. Anyone can tell why? Thanks before.
  7. I am still wondering if are there people what quests to get this item? I remembered playing official server and did quest(s) and got the item. If someone knows about this, please kindly tell thanks :D
  8. Zetsuen no Tempest, Fate/Zero, Sword Art Online
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