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  1. barusan saya terkena DC, pas mau relog in gak bisa masuk
  2. +1 for you,,, its work thanks
  3. “And of His signs is this: He showeth you the lightning for a fear and for a hope, and sendeth down water from the sky, and thereby quickeneth the earth after her death. Lo! herein indeed are portents for folk who understand.”. (Q.S Ar-Ruum : 24)

  4. Orange : No Shops on channel 1 Orange : move before I dc you Me : Ok Orange : thank you
  5. There is somebody warn me :o , not to open shop on Nera castle Channel 1 <_< the user is "Orange" :ph34r: Is she real GM? :blink: My question is, Is it true that we are not allowed to open shop on Nera castle channel 1? in other words the area for vending is only nera castle channel 3? :) Hope somebody give me an answer,,, :D I have no idea...
  6. Hope it will be updated assoon as possible,,,
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