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  1. yeah, i'm also tired of getting rid of it
  2. sorry if my saying is too hard. if you want to sell the WR 10b, go right ahead. if ppl agree, the price will went up by itself. again sorry if my words sound harsh :) i play this game to have fun, not looking for enemy :)
  3. last time i see you try to make BWL price become 4b. now you want to make the wizard robe become 10b ? do you have a thing against new player ?
  4. it would be nice if you also can "ride: your pet
  5. so it's like auction house on RF online huh ? good idea. and ppl who can't online all the time to open shop will be glad as well(including me :D). +1 for you
  6. good idea i think. +1 for you
  7. when that happen, just shout "I'm stuck at...." if someone bored enough, he will bring you new transfer scroll
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