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  1. vat3mala


    ooh im sorry yea i wanted to wright enter :S
  2. vat3mala


    I dont like if i want to sell/buy an item in the shop i can't press space to sell or buy the item.Could you do this?
  3. vat3mala


    what if you would remove perm bann and only would give max. 5years?
  4. vat3mala


    will it come out this year or next year?
  5. vat3mala

    Could you?

    Could you bring down the vote lvl to 110(or 115) or is it fix 120? Thanks for asnwer
  6. vat3mala


    Thanks, and ok i will use the search function :)
  7. vat3mala


    if Celestia Luna will be uptated will you add new costume like samurai, or items from luna plus?
  8. banned for ever? and pls could you unbann me?
  9. I only want ask one something. I have an account and when i wanna enter i can't and there is a reply that says you can enter to your account in 46548..h. Pls answer me the question my chars name in this account is Bolgor.
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