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  1. nah , daniel garret posses castor 20.0 ( which very expensive ) . soul arbiter ( with unbreakable armor ) are very expensive as well ( before banning , i've planned to make g set to 14+ and aias 14+ ) . that his legacy . this is why i will not make another one ( which my luck are low ) & it takes time , daniel's char seemly priced almost a million rupiah ( he has farouk , wizard robe , DS spell , medusa , more ) . i may have 400k rupiah , but i tend to play the largest and the most ambitious game . here is : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Theft_Auto_V this game is realistic . it uses ragdoll physics , it also the biggest game of year oh one more thing : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSDRqcMCy0U . this is an akward video , i feel half dying laught watching this video all night
  2. too bad , this day is my B day . can't celebrate at celestia . yet , my emotions unaffected by ban ( which often most people either mad / sad ) , im only feel bored . my ID too expensive ( because DS spell 19.9 & castor 20.0 ) and a soul arbiter . its same happening to my chinese neibor's soul arbiter ( got banned during 2012 he mention me ) . i've lacked knowledge of IRC , i guess im gonna turn back rettirement say bye for teiichi and moldysoapbox for me . i decided play ps3 instead note : if u want some chit chat with me , you can just add on my FB : https://www.facebook.com/galangachson?ref=tn_tnmn maybe i can show u some tricks at my sleeve ( not out duel box , climb mountain , other bugs ) / tactics for guild wars
  3. i aready knew that , PM him via IRC ? or direct message to the forum . i need to know GM im not RMT ( because gm rainbowdash think hydro12 was me , date is written 2012 . but i actually registered from 2013 ) the only players on my houses are just me , my little brother and my little brother's crush
  4. well , i got banned permanently by GM rainbowdash thinking im RMT ( according to him , im RMT on april 2013 ) . i never doing illegal things before , my brother question me why he is banned neither i think my nightmare just come in reality . before i got banned reality , i dreamed i got banned while in ramadhan . but the truth come in front of me ' facepalm ' why god punish me so much ? im serious , my friend MoldySoapBox and Teiichi never see me shouting im RMT / char trade . im now confused , is this getting banned due identical IP or what ? im began play at 2013 ramadhan ( where is my little convice me to play luna once more ) , yet , its stated by rainbowdash ( ' < ' marks as year ) : hydro12 B> gold via pulsa wm now fast April 9, 2012<, 9:23 p.m. hydro12 B> gold via pulsa wm fast.. April 9, 2012<, 9:21 p.m. as you can see , im rettired after lunaplus is closed down ( i can't remember exact date nor year , at 2013 . during my destination to my home , my brother text me via phone to play celestia luna . then i decided to postpone my rettirement ) . this date of that guy could tell diffrence between me and him . i have bad feeling about this serious bannment , i wish GM can notice the date when i register so he can tell diffrence that guy's RMT date . if he still not believe me , i'll guess im going to deeply rettire also this could be causing more innocent of indonesian players confused for getting banned
  5. hope he believe me im not RMT / ID selling . all im doing all day is hangout with moldy / teiichi and do hunting ( or selling itemshops item )
  6. my char danielgarret got banned ? i never RMT before ( even at shout , u guys never see me doing selling char shout ) . i think this is misunderstand GM , i only have DanielGarret char . not hydro12 ( http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/24064-is-this-count-as-assaulting-someones-char/#entry257586 ) , if not try to look it inside my ID . DanielGarret is only in there don't think my one ID can play 2 char at same time while im OL ( even mistook me deleting the char . i haven't RMT ) if not RMT . most people i think SS me while doing earthquake skill think im skill hack ( turn out to be soul arbiter's skill )
  7. fairy queen never spawn . because it could be disabled from spawning however , kierra does spawn but extreme rare ( around one week . due of her HP 8 million , equal 8 one eyed wookiss ) even though you found kierra , do not face her directly . she is posed serious threat even for lv 150 player ( also true for austere grand master )
  8. Necro : strength - every kills heal player , excellent damage , good crit , pretty high cast speed but not fast as cardi & strong AOE weakness - no stuns skills cardi : strength - auto target stun AOE , an AOE that damages enemy 1k per sec if low lv ( up to 4 sec ) , highest lv few of buffs , fastest cast speed & very good at parties weakness - low damages & proves to be dangerous for elfs became cardi ( due unable wear light armor ) soul arbiter : strength - manual target stun AOE ( also deadly AOE ) , lethal medium ranged skill ( one drains mana & one lower max mana . drain mana debuffs are bugged , but still cause great pain ), excellent damage , fast casting speed , highest critical among all mages , highest light armor expertise lv & highest lv cripple and traquility weakness - lacks any fast heals , great heals & divine heal without priest/bishop job & only one AOE ( choosing warlock / sorcerer gains AOE ) note : soul arbiters are only ones for elf able wear light armor upon learn light armor expertise note2 : its not recommended for human became SA , as they aready able to learn light armor expertise from monk/inquirer . even though they has higher crit than elven soul arbiter . so all humans are do just became necro/cardi ( necro focuses multiple high damaged AOE . cardi focuses support and little offense ) choose one of three options below : option A , the tanker : get one set of gardener mixed vit and int & aias 7+ ( or above ) . ur deff significantly increases , but M.A is low option B , the balanced : get one set of depraved monk & aias 7+ ( or above ) . u will get half deff and half M.A option C , the hitter / deathwish : get one set of faust & aias 7+ ( or above ) . your M.A greatly increases , but hitter char less resilient than balanced
  9. last week , my char just got lv up to 120 . u need better deff to tank ( if u choose destroyer , it may has high damage and high deff . but max mana is problem ) . if u still keep gas run out , u should get some support ( such as cardinals / rune masters ) . cardinals has manablast to refuel some player & has mana transfer . while rune master are unique buffers that worth alot for party . suggested monster to hunt : nera harbor : blue beard captain ( carefull , they can stun u & pulls u ) . these have bigger exp than other normal monsters in nera boss to hunt : one eyed wookiss ( he has 1m amount of HP . i can even take him down even im lv 107 . u need sleep/stun skill to kill him ) nera grave : flaccid foot man & dementors : they dealt low damages , but flaccids are capable enough to hold more damages than dementors , however after lv 118 . their exp percent lowered ( including flaccid's exp ) tombstones & ghost knight : tombstones are resilient to AOE but dealt low damage . while ghost knight can make short work for 1k HP ( commonly he damages 250 HP ) fighter in wind : once they respawn first time at random channel ( sometimes , on other channel . wind fighter doesn't spawn ) , they respawn faster than other bosses . its also a good way to farm medusa due to his fast respawn , but u still need carefull . his damages below 1k , making short work for 1k HP its not recommended to hunt trentree , because of their heavy stunlocks . its also highly not recommended to face austere grand master ( when i fought him , he dealth 1k damages . crit damage will be 2k )
  10. if exp event began , doubling it with 100% & 30% could get bigger exp . hope no lags , it will be useless when used during lag
  11. hi , im here ask to either Gm / staff / admin to add event for celebrate my birthday during 14 oct when im OL ( if im online , im usually OL at night in indo ) . optional GM's choice : if he/she decide add event by find me ( Hide n seek ) . he can award players by PD items for found me by SS me then post on the topic named ' The time's come ' { not posted yet } ( ' The time's come ' is a reference a some sort of mission name , which involves a protagonist kill another protagonist who was family man . however , i does not name the topic into ' Something sensible ' . a mission involve 2 protagonist kills another protagonist who was trapped on tanker truck , burn him to death ) if he/she decide not to ( they could also only announce instead ) , guess i'll rely on me to reward player ranging 1st place - 3rd place ( 1st place get a fighter's costume sets that is only fit to fighters , 2nd place is 10% hp,mp and speed costume & 3rd is 700 hp + and a shinigami glove ) note : the decision not to . 1st place wigs is depend on player's gender ( i.e male gets wolf tail . whilist female gets industrialist hat ) note2 : the reward is require me a cash for the minigames . this means the reward was actually itemshop items/costumes a possible upcoming things : according my friend ( who was good at art ) , she'll drew my char with her own char in fanart either battling tarintus / dueling each others with a one of choice weapon i recommend her ( such as sword,mace,dagger,axe,heavy weapon,long weapon,staff & dual wield one hand weapons . i would like dual wield cutlass / sabre ) . ah ! i forgot recommend her to equip daniel with throwing knifes , wrist blades , rope darts & crossbow my info : name : unknown ( not revealed yet ) nationality : indonesian age : 14 birth date : 14 oct 1999 gender : male char name : DanielGarret ( derived from my own name . although , daniel's name is american , but he is indonesian ) hobbies : games ( specifically ones contain magics , free roam , shooting & realistic games ) & watching anime ( fairy tail ) gaming consoles / computers : PS3 / laptop other family members / friend's char : paindrake ( A.K.A faint garret . faint's name when pronounced is similar to pain ) oliviaroke ( mistaken to be oliver . girlfriend of faint )
  12. according to wikipedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassin's_Creed_IV:_Black_Flag ) , assassin creed iv black flag also adapted as manga aside being novel . it was written by takashi yano and illustrated by kendi oiwa . the storyline seems differ than game itself link : http://www.mangahere.com/manga/assassin_s_creed_4_black_flag_kakusei/c001/ ( ch 1 ) http://www.mangahere.com/manga/assassin_s_creed_4_black_flag_kakusei/c002/ ( ch 2 ) trivia : ~ despite fact that edward was british ( as well grandfather of ratonhaketon and desencant of desmond miles ) . he also has japanese desencant named ' seijin ' ( it can be proven that animus is a software that used to ancestor genetic memory . the user was seijin )
  13. i mean't item crafting thing is a item used for certain skills ( last time lunaplus , my blizzard cost me a item crafting thing ) . the icon is a white stone i don't want the feature have with that ( i may know to easily gain it , but still i don't like it )
  14. ~aw man , i was hoping a houses for hideout , sleep and rest . cooking , stationary vehicle & eating feature may dropped out after update ( because its behaves like candy/potion . its gives unique buffs ) ~i hope skill do not need ' crafting item thing ' , Draphia ( a skeleton dragon look like tarintus , but he has only 2 legs ) , a undead pirates that based off crew blue beard pirates ( the crew is a pirate only wield some sort of hidden knife . as he saying ' did u really think i don't have weapon ' ) , a monster look like angel but wield giant sickle . maybe a reaper monster also appears ~one of NPC in lunaplus > nera grave , who was frankstein ( with long ears that same as elf ) . indicating frankstein monsters also appears ~ no lunaplus skill ( if there is , skill from original game could be replaced ) . the reason why i don't want skill replaced because there is forbidden skill that not allowed casted in duel ( aside return to bind ) , called ' skip risk ' ( exclusive for mage ) . teleport player short distances ( as well able get out duel cage ) , this trick was discovered by one of my close friend ( as well using return scrolls ) . but he went quiet to play all luna
  15. playable character : blonde elven boy a character with blonde hair with short tail tied , wearing divine robe set ( excluding helmet ) & carried a wand resemble arcwand ( albeit it behaves like staff ) , bright blue eyes & brown eyebrows bears uncanny resemblance a character link from legend of zelda ( link proably does not have short tail or presumably covered by his green hat ) both of these character also wear robes but they has diffrent ability and weapon also a adult elf male from Gaia online bearing more striking resemblance to male default elf due to his bangs ( but their color hair is diffrent ) NPC : wisy & farouk little i knew about their attire and color of their attire resemble to meiko and kaito from vocaloid diffrence to wisy and meiko : wisy wears an armor only cover her top ( but exposes her stomach ) . unlike meiko , she has waist guards on her waist colored red ( as well her shoulder guards ) . meiko's hair also colored dark red ( sometimes brown ) , whilist wisy colored bright red diffrence to farouk and kaito : farouk seems wear a blue-white coat & dark blue shirt proably . however , farouk does not wear a scarf . his hair color also similar to kaito . farouk's crystal ball could be reference to kaito's ice cream
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