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  1. With DK set (identically to rogue bow), AR can atk (a bit) faster. IMO, the best thing is remove the pdef (since most AR not equal to eva too much compared to dagger user). i think remove the pdef, and improve the Attack Speed a bit is a solution. What DK can offer is the ASPD compared to other 5 IM set.
  2. and The Belt of power ? Munchkin glove permanent?
  3. How to get : 1. Horn rimmed glasses 2. Belt of Power 3. Wind Band (dex+10 eva+10 ms+30, see it in rare belts luna wiki) 4. Munchkin glove (P.s. already search the luckybox thread, but it told me "90day" and "chicken glove")
  4. 1. Because crusader using mace+Heavy Armor, it means crusader is one hybrid defense class. How about give him lv 20~25 enchanced hp (lv15 HAE is enough, because paladin is actualy be pure defense class) 2. Give longer aura duration. 45sec ~ 1 mins (like lv1 movement speed buff from rogue class). With 45sec~1mins duration, the crusader have extra choice after cast 2 aura. maybe heal, hit, run, lure etc. 3. Is lv 25 LAE give evasion? lv 20 LAE (i see it with mage class btw), HAE get that vitality in lower lvl. (in skill calc its from lv1 HAE) 4. how a player can use skill when he is in "freeze" status? 5. Give crusader "twinkle magic" that increase %magic critical rate..
  5. I suggest its going to be 3~4 leader to be good (think one of them might be maggot john, so i consider its 2~3 other elite maggots). But i really suggest its to be improved to at least 2~3 elite maggot (included john). After 107, NH give lesser exp because lv96 snowstorm archer and the lv 101 blue beard give lesser exp (1/4 and 1/2 normally maybe). Its not good to just hope leveling from that captain. Lower exp, but its place to farm normally because NH weapon drop. *Well, other can go to mantis (lv 107/108, with matk, hard to solo) / graveyard to hunt that flaccid/dementor(111~114), but the amount of mobs is low. If maggot maps improved, at least some players can count that maggot as #3 alternative spot too.
  6. I like how great garden changed (a half).. I like how mantis spawn in the way to maggot, But i dunno why all that giant maggot (who must be "tiny") spawn a lot. And 80% Bigger maggot fade away.. Its an imba place for leveling. (With good strike) I dont see explaination on changelog.
  7. Elf magnus. Warrior - Swordman - Phalanx - Magnus.. Leveling with 2H or 1H if you dont have good equipment. 2H for faster leveling, solo player.. After magnus, you can be 1H to tank and party with a hitter. Let them kill for you. just tank the mobs damage. Collect money.. And buy better equipment for your magnus. P.S. 1. Create 2nd character . Lv them together. So you can DD by dual window. (I suggest its mage elf. Cleric-Priest-Elemental Master, its just for BUFF.) Leave it when it reach lv 81 (or 90 to get lv 2 best buff). 2. FOCUS with your 1st char. dont make another main char.
  8. 11. Wanna close your luna client? (Normally) Click esc. Quit game. wait 5 second. done. (Faster) Right Click your lunaclient on your windows, click close. done (Faster 2) Click reset button on your PC/laptop. (Fastest) pull your PC/laptop cable from electricity. (P.S. warning, dont put your battery/ using UPS)
  9. 1500 crit rate. even if its 1.500.000 crit rate. its just 99%+ never be 100%. And kenjie statement is a bit wrong. The more %atk skill you get from equip, buff, passive, The more "philo p.a" give. Think that rogue just get exact amount (not %) in the training, so i think pa wont give really big difference like destro who use pa item.
  10. STR. I think its easy for rogue class to obtain critical rate. So going dex is just a waste of time, since you get dex from your equip too. Its enough. And from the skill, you also get the crit.damage.
  11. alvian

    Nawskin Belt

    CMIIW. Str 19. Movspeed 43. Eva 5. IMO its 5-7b for clean
  12. 1. #Fixing sb range so its the same range as other class If knight SB range = SM SB range (which is 10 more lv in SB than knight), than what the benefit going to SM except for the damage? "just for damage", compared to destro with that a lot stun / disable. 2. #fixing fatal buff so players can put their stats on somewhere else I agree, but i think it wont come soon. 3. #Fb having higher stun but I don't thinks its needed if sb is fix as it will make destro overpower IMO, the point of FB is for anti-miss skill. I read it somewhere, your BC / earthquake can miss. but not the stun. So stun them 1st is wise enough. than FB . at least destro can finish their FB before the opponent awake. 4. #Destro have to use ms stat to counter distance problem in a dazzaling all out war or 1vs1. Its the point of that nostrum. and a mage that can bless wind. its about teamwork. if ms is one of destro passive, than destro is a bit OP. hit and run. and the HCW and philo ms is a bit unused for destro. 5. Not enough stat to spread between vit n str n Dex and destroy doesn't have buff\passive that increase defence same or more than other class. that's why going evasion like rogue is the best choice. If a destro can get at least same hp with vit cardinal/necro. than it would be imba. cardi/necro use DoT which take time. but destro do amazing burningg crash. Its why player have to be wise to put stats. basically, fighter = hit and tank. rogue = crit and eva. mage = matk and buff. If destro also have high eva (2nd skill that add eva after that berserker), imagine a destro (for newbie) with - easy 20k+ damage - 25k+ hp - 6k pdef. - 280 eva its ._. 6. They say going destroy is cheap but making it all-round OK just make my head ache. uhm for new destro, if they can stunlock with that BC EQ despair fearfulblow (4 stun/disable). even with bad equip. they will have higher chance compared to other new player class . IMO its the highest chance IF the 1st stun is proc and you still alive after that 1st hit or DoT.
  13. Umm if you think destro is squishy, try at least go from swordman-phalanx path full dex I dont think SB from knight is really really useful (SB is useful, but i think SB from swordman is enough) Umm, the SB from knight is around 150% the SB from Swordman.. If you really just #1SB as main ONLY, try using 2H human Gladiator-swordmaster. you gain #2 DSB, The passive SM lose is 5 lv sword training and 5 lv 2 Hand traing, + some risk takek , rage burst, fighter heart. The 2H sm is more "squishy", but you gain SB DSB . in Total skills, , in terms of SB, i think 2H SM have 140% more dmg compared to knight-destro. + you gain DSB. But you lose Fearful blow.
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