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  1. I dont think you should give your id. Im sure they can tell you why on irc or just with your ign.
  2. The one that used dagger probably did it because of the Dual wield penalty, trying to get more eva. I personally use a chiv and g set and a v set would be nice now that my eva is destroyed.
  3. Well first you can check various things to find out the prices. Nera castle chan 3, various selling forums. But ill say the biggest determinate of all that gear is the person selling it. Some people jack the price of high eva stuff. 20 eva is high so that will be more expense, i think before i saw something with 20 eva for like 10 bil. Also its just my opinion but rham you sound like you dislike clise in that post by mentioning in game things that have nothing to do with this matter.
  4. im sorry for the bad news, but we dont have muffins :x. :v welcome
  5. Enforcer

    No one..

    I sent a card in the mail. :v so happy born day
  6. Do i know you?

    1. StarStruck


      yes you do, im pea nice to meet you

  7. Enforcer

    Now Playing???

    :v viewer discretion advice
  8. Your ugly as shit, and you full of shit. What does this mean your shit LOL. # yungbloodluv

  9. Your ugly as shit, and you full of shit. What does this mean your shit LOL. # yungbloodluv

    1. StarStruck


      o-o cranky aren't we? well I just hug you and hope you feel better

  10. Imma tell you this once and for all my restraint wont always be there. Im coming for you you wont see it coming but you better sleep with both eyes open mofo. # YUNGBLOODLUV

  11. Hash thats why these are wishes u fool. Let her wish what she wants. We all cant dream for bigger muscles, corn, and girl that will go fishing with you. Wishes dont have to be possible :V. Isn't greed what makes us wish :V
  12. Enforcer

    Now Playing???

    :V this song comes on all the time when im driving lately.
  13. Im so gucci. Why cause im so fkn happppppppy TROLOLOLOLO. I cant stop fkn laughing.

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