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  1. why are you complaining that my friend nick irenaa ? Are you envious because he could not beat him ?

  2. Numpang Terkenal~XD Nama:Muhammad Azam IGN:xPetagna JOB:BT alias Blade Taker Race:Human alias Manusia level:111 Guild:AwayFromKeyboard
  3. cc Update Kira2 kpn ya Bosen nih nunggunya :D

  4. All you guys Handsome and Pretty Mainly Flower Child :wub:
  5. Hello, Welcome to Just Us Friends CL Think & Do free to ask :)
  6. Staff Not Working To Boost Cast Speed ​​Unless There Granted effect, Shrewd Spell On Job2 Certain There, example: Cardinal Has Shrewd level 5 Skill level it is the greatest among the others, which obviously depends Speed ​​Cast Not To Staff Skill lvl Shrewd but to the own
  7. Server Down time is very long :( Server Down time is very long :(
  8. I'm Not So Likes SA I prefer Necro, But Allow In Try ^_^
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