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    lol this is my song
  2. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

  3. A friend of mine took the time to draw my char as a girl and granted I do make one ugly girl but it came out awesome and shes obviously a talented artist so I will share with everyone, Thank you Justine great job.
  4. Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

  5. Its me always at Way To Howling Ravine Channel 1 being lazy.
  6. Stop double posting why are you talking about getting scammed out of PP and an account sounds to me like account trading which is against the rules.
  7. I suggest you take the time to 1.Read the game rules carefully 2. browse the report section a little get an idea what people have done to get banned, and no saying that you bought a hacked item from someone else then selling it will not save you and the fact that you mentioned that pretty much proves you know thats why you got banned so with that being said why try to act like you didn't know ?
  8. I think you might get a faster response if you contact him on irc chat, and yes hes been taking the time to do password recovery for people, thanx Gary. :D
  9. lucky for you theres a good report system they would need multiple screen shots of you hitting the mobs and a warning to prove KS so if what you say is true then don't worry about it.
  10. Corpse™

    Won't Start Game

    put the luna launcher in your exceptions in the antivirus like Cordelia mentioned then it should work fine.
  11. Corpse™

    Won't Start Game

    also try right clicking the launcher and running as admin I always have that problem and it works.
  12. I have never heard of a dungeon in the grave of knights and you spoke of the first luna which would have been the korean version they did not have it and neither did the american version that followed.
  13. I for one have always said the reason cl does so well , it's not about the gameplay it's not about the bugs that need fixing the reason is its longetiviy it has been here since 2009 and it does not look like its going away anytime soon. Players know its here and its always a safe place they can hang out with their friends other servers come and go people play them then they come back to cl their old friend.Hell I even see quite a few staff from other servers playing here not to spy but just because they love classic luna. My point here is (and these is one lol) you are getting all worked up over an update and comparing other servers what they got and it don't even matter even without this update cl will still be better than them all look at the other servers out there, don't really but they all fail they have all kept shutting down and will continue to while cl stays strong and grows. Orange is an awesome develepoer and shes busting her ass to make this update possible imagine working really hard on something and getting told its not gonna be good enough ? That would suck ! she was a player just like us for awhile and she loves the game and shes doing this for us, for the players because without us without players that love this game there would be no point for this game to exist so keep all this in mind if your'e going to critisize or have doubt its all for all of us.
  14. right click the launcher and run as admin if youre using windows 7 or higher it does this but you shouldnt have to run as admin again after you do it the first time.
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