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  1. Hello, i was just wondering what type of specs should i have to run CL smoothly? Im currently using i3 hp with 32mb which is making me lag so much. Any suggestions?
  2. looking for +13/14 hgcs with good philo n crit (C) L.cape 80+ crit panda boots + panda gloves note in game :- Ultimateking
  3. hello, i have entered the wrong price of my items and other player has picked them up from my store, is there any possiblity of having them back or is it too late? i thought it was 17b but it turned out to be 17m, please help if possible
  4. The Destroyer.


    Hello guys .. i would just like to ask if 100$ would be enough to buy for my destroyer good items or not ?? thanks
  5. Thanks everyone .. it've been a long tym seraphyre ! <3 I only came back to meet the beautiful seraphyre
  6. Hello Agaain Everyone :D I just wanted to say that i missed everyone and it has really been a long time <3 Missed U Celestia luna <3
  7. I don't think you can donate via PayPal because I can't also find paypal.
  8. When phone or computer or Internet starts to have lags :)
  9. The Destroyer.

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    waka waka - shakira
  10. When you have no enough gold to buy something you wish you could have.
  11. To have a good salary Having an amazing car Having a beautiful Gf :P
  12. The Destroyer.

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    Addicted to you- Shakira
  13. I prefer Cardi because of the holy taker..
  14. It has nothing to do with antiv virus just try to hit connect again.. It happened to me
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