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  1. 2.Skyline gud bye SKYL1NE :(
  2. Muramasa decreases P. Deff by 7% but has good attk speed you can you lvl 90 sword craft if you want I wanted to give you a lvl 95 sword this Saturday if I play I'll go upgrade it for you :)
  3. eon's char looks so sleepy xD
  4. I have accidently learn Sword Rapidity which is waste of SP and there's a skill I accidentally learned and should I use axe? I'm using my Muramasa(correct me if I'm wrong)
  5. I have taken wrong Passive and Wrong Stats Should I Reskill and Restat after 105? I have Taken Sword and DEX stat
  6. Nilagang Demigods,Pritong Devil Crown,Inihaw na xMineski xD
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