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  1. Position you are applying for: moderator who wishes to ascend to a GM rank First Name: Ezra Most used in game names: lKai IRC nickname (if you have one): Ezwa Age: 19 Current country of residence & timezone: Philippines , GMT + 8:00 Spoken languages: English , Filipino Overall time playing Luna Online: 3 months :D Overall time playing online games: 4 years Do you work or study? Study ~ What are your availability times(when are you usually online)? Weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Have you ever been a moderator or a GM in any other game or forum? eCollidex(Forum), Gamebreak(Forum) If you have been a mod or a GM anywhere else were you let go and why? the forum disbanded, lack of money :D but where are now operating thru facebook :D and still running with great users Why do you want to be part of the staff team? I want to help other players, and at the same time, i want to have more friends, and learn from them everyday (my goal in life) Tell us about your skills and knowledge and why we should pick you: hmmm,,, skills, i dont know if this could help, but i can do programming with C++, C#, Visual Studio, Lisp, Python. I can also do Photoshop (mostly pen tool, and vectoring), Im not that fluent in English, but in my 4 years in the forum community, i have learned how to speak english right, I can assist members, through what they are experiencing, i've been roaming around the game to know what are the possible things that can give me experience and know more about the game, and then i can help others. Well i think thats me. Hope you accept me :D
  2. Hello Everyone~ me and my classmates are new to this game and got addicted with the level grinding, and we got more bonding with partying and DDs xD thanks for the wonderful game, although we just discovered it~
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