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  1. Plain silence...

  2. Green eggs and ham.

  3. Me too. Everytime I go AFK and my computer falls asleep I disconnect and that's normal so I haven't seen any problems lately.
  4. I was trying to quote something Present said but I couldn't find it ;x Anyways it was about doubling PP for Christmas and Present said that staff should decide on that and not us But yours is about a Christmas event so it could possibly be different
  5. yeah i know i was just using my laptop so the screen was all cluttered :blink:
  6. I agree. Having prices be the same as always will make no sense and it's not fun. Also, how will you make a profit?
  7. Can you show us a picture of you? After all, the topic is called post your in-game chars
  8. From left to right: Tori, Thaught, Me, Me again :p, Tori again :p
  9. what chu talkin bout gurl?? your always awesome
  10. From left to right: MaddaM, Clise, Tori, Emily (Me), Bomberry, Zipper, (Me again :P ), Tori, Kelly, Rhin, Taurean From left to right again: Tori, Emily (Me), Bomberry, Zipper, (Me again :P ), Tori, Kelly, Rhin, Taurean And in front: Clise :rolleyes:
  11. Left is me, and the right one is Miyah
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