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  1. Plain silence...

  2. Green eggs and ham.

  3. Me too. Everytime I go AFK and my computer falls asleep I disconnect and that's normal so I haven't seen any problems lately.
  4. I was trying to quote something Present said but I couldn't find it ;x Anyways it was about doubling PP for Christmas and Present said that staff should decide on that and not us But yours is about a Christmas event so it could possibly be different
  5. yeah i know i was just using my laptop so the screen was all cluttered :blink:
  6. I agree. Having prices be the same as always will make no sense and it's not fun. Also, how will you make a profit?
  7. Can you show us a picture of you? After all, the topic is called post your in-game chars
  8. From left to right: Tori, Thaught, Me, Me again :p, Tori again :p
  9. what chu talkin bout gurl?? your always awesome
  10. From left to right: MaddaM, Clise, Tori, Emily (Me), Bomberry, Zipper, (Me again :P ), Tori, Kelly, Rhin, Taurean From left to right again: Tori, Emily (Me), Bomberry, Zipper, (Me again :P ), Tori, Kelly, Rhin, Taurean And in front: Clise :rolleyes:
  11. Left is me, and the right one is Miyah
  12. People might take advantage of this and only donate during December but I think they do double the PP every year so I'm not sure
  13. My suggestion is that we have replies on our messages. Like, one time I was at Nera Castle Town channel three and in peoples shop messages they said 'NOTE ME FOR NEGO' and 'AFK'. I saw a lot of items I liked in different shops and couldn't afford it so obviously I noted them for nego. But they were AFK so I knew I wasn't going to get any of there messages back sooner or later so I decided to go hang with my friends. But still no message back. I went to sleep then came back the next day. One message. The message read: "nego how much?" the problem with that was i had no idea what item i wanted to nego because I noted a lot of people the other day. So my point is that we have a box or something in the replied message telling us what we said before. For an example: My message: Can I nego your golden ax? To: person 1 My 2nd message: can i nego your perma glasses to: person 2 My 3rd message: Can I nego your lollipop to: person 3 Then here are the replies From: person 1 Your message: Can I nego your golden ax? Person 1's message: Sure, how much? From: Person 2 Your message: can i nego your perma glasses Person 2's message: Yeah. How much do you want it for? What I am saying is it makes it a lot easier because the person may reply late and u might of sent other messages so you have no idea what that person is talking about. I have no idea if this suggestion has been made yet but if it has please tell me :) I would like to hear back from you guys :) (Also, it would be great if we had a subject box, too :P )
  14. I'm the one with the black widow leader and the other one is my cousin http://oi44.tinypic.com/2meeauw.jpg
  15. What does the fox say?~

  16. Well my friend was telling me the other day that wouldn't it be great if Luna had a blue wizards robe or something like that like the Ice heart owner's at Nera Harbor? I mean, you don't really see the Black Widow Mage's as often as you do of the Ice heart owner's because most people fight at Nera Harbor a lot and the Ice heart owners are the first things attack-able there and the Black Widow Mage's are in the middle of The Valley of Fairy map and most people don't fight there. And it's just a suggestion and I'd like to hear your opinion about it.
  17. i see. ive read that forum before but it was when i had my old account (and before i forgot my password :I)
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