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  1. Welcome to Celestia Luna Slackware.. enjoy the game :)
  2. kisSenTeLL

    Design A Cloak!

    Character Name : iRedcross Cloak Name : Kruz cloak
  3. Welcome to CL forums honey ^_^
  4. Rgm kmi at sna sumali kayo at suportahan ang lahi ntin Malay nyo ito n ang break n hinihintay ntin Pinoy solid union di imposible yan Kelangan.lng ntin magkaisa 3guild n ang kasali need nlng ng konting kayod pra makamit ntin un di ntin need ng imba may foil lng at sleep sapat na Goodluck pinoy players (Ced)
  5. Teleport mo lng po sa website ung char n un na stuck lng po ksi un so need ko lng iteleport
  6. kisSenTeLL

    War Na

    Tara war n aha ( ced here )
  7. My friend told me that his other char appeared online in party and buddylist but as far as he know that char is not online then he tries to log in that account he log in that account without a disconnection notice We are just curious is this a bug or what?? Thanks :3
  8. September 8, 2014 1. kisSenTeLL
  9. Aug 25, 2014 KisSenTeLL :tonge_con:
  10. The way to a Man's heart is to fill his stomach ;]

  11. same prob.. :'/ i got dc. and failed to connect to server.
  12. dahil Maintenance ngaun haha at d mka OL d2 muna aq stambay sa forum 4/16/14 IGN: kisSenTeLL
  13. wahahaha!... ndi ndi ndi,,
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