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    .... And Taking care of Animals~ ;p
  1. Thank you so much for the greeting all the same. ^_^ And I will do my best~ :lol:
  2. Thank you very much for the welcome and suggestion~ ^_^
  3. Alrighty~ Though I just wanted to add a signature since I wanted to try it out so I don't mind it being stretched for now. I'll probably change the image itself when I feel like it. For now, I think I'll just go and play the game for the time being. Again, thanks for the help and welcome~ :)
  4. Alrighty, thank you. though someone already suggested me to at least resize it earlier. Will this signature size be alright then? It's smaller than 500x300 scale though. I kinda liked it smaller, if that's alright? ^_^
  5. Thanks for the welcome and Ha ha I see, Really sorry about that. This is my first time in a Forum so I didn't really know and might've overlooked that rule. I'll be sure to resize it now, Thanks for the heads up. :P
  6. Thank you for the welcome~ For now, I really don't have much problems in game, but I'll be sure to ask if I need help with something. ^_^
  7. Hello there! I've just started playing this game about a week ago but it's been really fun. But since I'm still new around here, I really don't know much yet but I hope you can help me out and I hope we can be friends. ^_^ ~ It's a pleasure to meet you all~ ^_^
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