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  1. Im playing Back to Nature in my Ps1, but its too hard to get money and the things are too expensive
  2. Yesterday i got the same problem, 4 times in a row from 10 dd
  3. Maybe ur computer is running slow, i have the a similar problem but its mi pc not my net, maybe this can help
  4. Mai330

    Someone play Osu

    I play, but the game run a bit slow on my actual pc :( in a few weeks i get a new ps so i can play again :)
  5. Si encuentran un clan latino me avisan por favor, mi nombre es Rynor para que me agreguen y jugar :3
  6. No tengo antivirus, espacio me sobra y aun asi se cierra, simplemente es un error de juego que no soucionan en aƱos
  7. Thnks, and sorry for the Spanih i copy the wrong part of the translator :mellow:
  8. but, I need to make a donation to purchase the 100% right? :huh:
  9. I have Terraria for PC, but two days ago took a new update, which I only get when you buy the game on Steam, but I do not buy it because a cousin gave me the game, as I can then update if you do not buy ? :huh:
  10. I'm a level 86 knight, and I need to know if someone can tell me a quick and efficient way to level up Thnks for read :)
  11. Emm, the problem was resolved yesterday, and google translate does not translate well to the words <_<
  12. Mai330


    <_< All I'm saying is wrong to say that because if you uninstall the game the old files still remain, which reinstalling the game new files are missing because they have not deleted the old <_<
  13. Mai330


    Esto es incorrecto, porque al desinstalar el juego, la carpeta y todos sus archivos aun siguen almacenados en el disco duro, entonces al reinstalar el juego va a omitir los nuevos archivos porque ya estan los viejos, por eso el juego no funcione debidamente <_<
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