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  1. I have the same problem, just want to ask any updates with this?
  2. If your using avg free antivirus or avg internet security you can do this steps to enable game mode. To enable the Gaming mode please proceed as follows: Open the AVG program. Double-click the Firewall component. Select the Enable gaming mode check box. Click Save changes to confirm changes. This will allow all comunication for full-screen applications. It is also possible to enable the Gaming mode for each Firewall profile and change the Firewall action from Allow for all to Block: Open the AVG program. On the Tools menu select Firewall settings. Select the desired profile on the left Select the Disable Firewall notification when playing games check box. Choose action from the drop-down list below. Click OK to confirm changes Or if problem still persist you can: 1. uninstall the client and restart pc. 2. Install Client then launch to patch. another thing: you can install / repair .net framework. (also fixes connection issues) And for Avast Anti Virus you can right click on the round icon on the task bar and choose/click silent/gaming mode option. hope this help.
  3. fur10n

    Just a suggestion.

    Good Day =) I have read some reports about killstealing, trash talking, rmt etc. I would like to suggest about how players should make a report. A player who makes report accusations should post video evidence not screenshots. If you see a player(s) doing illegal activity like Ks=kill stealing, Bug Abuse, RMT etc should be video recorded using fraps or any video capturing software thus making his or her report truthful and credible. Also the Admins should put a police game master that can monitor in-game activities and for game community relations. I myself is a former Game Master, Forum Moderator from another game. Thank you for reading... A reply for this topic. First Fraps when installed to pc can start automatically start minimized on windows. second it has a hot key function that once you press the hot key, it will record video or take screenshots depending what key you pressed. So the need to alt-tab + open program every time is not needed. 3rd about rmt, not all rmt's are on megaphone or shouts. Sometimes it's on random pm's from another player, guild chats, party chats etc. http://www.fraps.com/faq.php I just noticed it; my mistake it should be A player who makes report accusations should post video evidence or screenshots This is just a suggestion that's obviously denied hehe. All my respects to the staffs and admins of this game. More Power to Celestia Luna :)
  4. fur10n


    having the same problem lately. when I launch the client it won't connect to patch server.
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