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  1. You think im joking though im so ready to call mama SEraphyre. >:D OT: my left eye
  2. I like to be unpredictable. Makes life a lot better. And what I do now. And btw I was talking bout you :3. OT: Not being able to plus 6 after 20 attempts fml aria wrist fml.
  3. WOAH WOAH ANGER. I wasn't even talking bout you stop being self center LMAO. OT : Self center ppl who thinking im talking bout them cough cough ^. Also making the wrong armor piece core ;-; . Fk u aria waist only helm and armor left go GG.
  4. Very rude ppl to concern strangers :3
  5. YES IK THEY are I read the magna and what happens next is omfgsh SEXY.I literally watch the whole anime in a day, was like OMG NOT Satisfied and read till the magna T.T and STILL not satisfied. i want more NEXT FAIL 3 ds where its at with pokemon Y. My eye burning cause im tired.
  6. WE call that karma. You better start doing good deeds cause u suck (TRoll FACE) OT: No more attack on titans anime :<
  7. I cant stop laughing. Your remember that. I think I told you the to fk with you. Its sounds like something ill do. OT: Having continuously saying OT because of a scrub ahead of me
  8. Remember time I told you your mom is hot LOL. OT: Seraphyre complaining about the outside.
  9. Im going to call mama fkn SERAPHYRE tell her teach you fkn things. OT: The dream world daily quest god. THis old ass mofo just give my crystals and ill go
  10. Your lucky I felt nice and not troll you like only I can :#. OT: Noob Gm who knows I can troll her easily <.< JK Peace and love. Edit: Remember that day u wanted to fight whenever u ready bro D:<
  11. I honestly don't care im actually chuckling at this little exchange. Also amazing you care. Hypocrite. ALSO Way to steal what I did there. That was shenanigans and bullshit, find creativity. Btw I hit 80k damage in Ak and im kind of happy bout it. Also Im one of the non whiney and rude players :# OT: Havent slept in a few days , and im wired. Awkward. OH YAH SERAPHYRE. Why you look like dat :#.
  12. And im complaining your complaining MISSS GM. BECAUSE YOUR a gm you shouldn't give a fk. Isn't your status I don't care. So get to not caring. Also Ak is fun when you get past 40 when you get your subclass. I should know im 52 :3. OT: Seraphyre. :#
  13. Don't complain about the job you applied for, was your choice. OT: Getting to 53 in ak just by doing daily quests >:V fkn the prairie im to pro. Also being 3 frags from my tigerius :#
  14. You do know I was there when you ummm SUPPORTED him and had his back when you were a mod :3. OT: BLIZZARDS
  15. Asterixxxx


    Women are very stressful. To relieve said stress you get massage. Like I need right now in my lower back
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