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  1. damn straight, The Elder Scrolls Fans been nagging for a multiplayer Game of their series im sure you and myself included :D
  2. ya know theres a Attack on Titam game sort of thing on the net i have it book marked its alot of fun
  3. Yeah I know Hell girl, but pretty much all of the animes i've watched i really liked so its hard to name a few, but i'll try giving some -Sword Art Online -Trigun -Freezing -Bakumen -Sket Dance -Infinite Stratos -Bleach -Rosario + Vampire I also really like all of the new animes that have comeout in the past week.
  4. BlondeIce

    Moe Galore

    Hampnie Hambart the Man Devouring Toy only like Episodes 1-3 or 4 on Sunday Without God. Ai Astins dad i don't think his real name was actually said during the series, anyways Y U GO DIE HAMPNIE?
  5. true, hopefully the PC/Xbox One and PS4 Servers are the same so we can play with other people on different consoles etc. like my Brother has a PS4 and I have a 360 (will probably get XbOne), and i wanna play with him so i can play ESO with him cause the same server and stuff
  6. Whos gonna get ESO for their PC/Xbox One/PS4?
  7. 1. To be rich 2. To be Immortal 3. To automatically get EVERY new game that comes out in my mailbox :P
  8. its 4:45 AM, TIRED AS BRU!

  9. damn you guys got it all good for the current games coming out, i still haven't even touched a GTA V case yet, but im DEFENITELY going to get BF4 and just say lolno to CoD: Ghosts lol i swear the only thing they improve on those games now is the weapons and darkening of the graphics.
  10. BlondeIce


    wow i have like 53 games on it xD, too many to decide which to play lol so i tend to go MMO hunting on the Web... which is kind of a sad habit of mine, i always, ALWAYS, try to go find more to play, kind of like MMO Jumping or something.
  11. Alright i'll give these a shot and tell ya if it's fixed, thanks.
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