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  1. Welcome back, yeah, there's a lot of us that came back and still coming. Enjoy.
  2. ^clean photo ^with IGNs. (c) my emotoe for saving me the headache. Reverie + Phil & Ivy. et la familia.
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    Just kidding, this is actually too cheesy. :)
  4. Checking in. Balik na tayo :)
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    Are you guys still alive? Lol.
  6. 1. How long have you been playing? 3 years 2. What is your highest level in Celestia Luna? 150 3. If you've reach the top, how does if feels like? Feels horrible, because everyone asks you for help for wars and it brings drama, not worth being strong. 4. Does gaming adds value to your life? What are those? It makes me care less about people who bitch and whine about life. 5. What are the reasons you keep on playing? My girlfriend, the only reason why i playED this game. 6. If this is just for fun, does your real life don't have any fun in it that leads you to looking for fun in a digital world? Not really fun being strong, and i have more fun in real life. lol 7. Does gaming really makes sense? Sometimes, when you're bored and you want to make people mad. 8. If you will be given a chance to Reset all the time that you've spent playing? Would you use it or not? Why? No, because this is where i met my girlfriend, i mean, my future wife. 9. What is your main purpose and goal in playing this game? The main purpose i had when i first started, is to be the strongest, and most fearsome player, and i already reached that goal, but now its just for the lulz, well i havent played in a bit cuz its boring lol. But no reason to play now, its a cycle of drama and bullshit. Lol ign: waytoosexy
  7. PvP isnt really the only thing in this game. Like I said there's a lot of things to do. Have you guys ever tried crafting your own armor? Its frustrating but feels good in the end. Have you guys ever tried crafting your own Level 50 wings? Or tried the level 25 wings? Have you guys ever went partying with your friends to kill Austere and finally get your own Legend cape? Have you tried philoing until you realize youre almost out of gold and that, "oh fuck me" moment. I could go on with the things i've done to have fun in this game, but in the end, there's always our friends to keep us company. Spending hours after hours talking about senseless things. About PvP Arena, In this game, based on my understanding, there are 3 Groups. 1.) Those who occupy PvP Arena, they may have plenty of guilds, separated, but theyre gathered under one name, KR, for KaskusReborn. 2.) Those people who are against them. (I'm part of this haha) But i dont know what we're called. So bleh. 3.) Neutrals. Those who doesnt want to interfere, or join any drama. Because drama gets really bad, that it becomes comedy. Lol. But even though it's kind of annoying how they occupy it, that's why there's 10 different channels.
  8. Quests dont mean much here, just keep grinding.
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    Watching rush hour with my piggy <3
  10. Noobie Tip: Be strong, and kill everyone. (Jk thats just me, hahaha) For the 2 active years i played CL, and whenever i visited PvP1, there hasn't been a time i didnt get swarmed by at least 10 people, edits mostly, also because im Pinoy. And well, I just kill all of them until I get tired of them, that map has been taken over ever since i got here to this game. Most indonesians, arent fluent in speaking english at all, its hard communicating with them, buying, selling, but thats why we need to learn how to adapt to them, to try to understand, pick up the context clues, and think about it. I get called noob a lot, and i just laugh, because the person who calls me noob is a noob him/herself, dont take it personally, pvp is not everything about this game, everyone has forgot about it, people forgot that we play this game to enjoy with friends, to socialize and communicate, to build bonds; despite being strong, theres not a better feeling than having plenty of friends. Realize. Socialize and have fun.
  11. Depends on the job, I always used HB Set, on my rogues (BT/TM/AR) and on my fighter (SM), because these jobs just need damage, i dont care about defense at all, its all about 1 hitting other players. :x
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    Nothin' but sheets in between us, ain't no getting off early~
  13. When bae doesnt want you to leave. ♥
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