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  1. When passive job is fixed, these paths are going to be reliable correct ? I wish I went swordman instead of infantry T^T I need sleep
  2. hey man Looking forward to join I am active player, I already sent you a note IGN oRizao I hope there are some slots open Thanks
  3. how about BOS +13 strike 25 appreciated your previous answer too
  4. I just came back I have BOS clean left, so I wonder how much does it worth right now Thank you
  5. My AR damage from 70K decreased to 30K pretty lame. This is biggest nerfed ever. I don't understand why you jump the gun by balancing the classes right now. I mean job passive not even fixed and other stuff that could be added. Anyway, after reading your reply I would like to point out that if you need feedback from community Orange you should do the poll or outline so we all can read and give you a feedback. This is just step closer to Luna Plus. Are you copying file from Luna plus or something and why did you recruit the beta team sign up if you implanted this, did you ask them for a feedback. the biggest thing that upset me the most is you kind of force us to buy re-stats in order to enjoy the game and this adjust may not even final, so we have to buy it again in the future right ?. I mean if you already have job balance planed out why don't put patch everything and see the feedback. I do not like how you put a piece by piece update like this and call it balancing patch. If you want to player to have a challenge why don't you implant boss raid or high map instead. Also if you want to change to stats like this at least give out free re stats for players. If you have low PA but high critical damage will be almost the same as high PA but low critical damage. Just SAYING
  6. What is the current price for this sword
  7. BWL will be top priority for people to use in combat purpose. Since there are new gacha costume sets which look really awesome, at least make it comparable or at least have the same stats as BWL, otherwise it is going to be just another cosmetic.
  8. I have a feeling that big change will come soon, so I would like to ask what is the best path for human AR assume passive job is working properly. I will create one and wait for incoming update Thank you
  9. At least 150$ though
  10. I checked so many time through all 10 channels and I couldn't find him even once. maybe Just a bad luck.
  11. The number is struck at 420 for some reason. Also evil golem boss at Zakandia is not spawn.
  12. When the weather suppose to get warmer but guess what, WIND CHILL Damn you SUN
  13. lightsky

    Update ?

    too be honestly i got dissappointed from new year's news I love to see they fix a little thing like hide costume option, some bugged skills, job passive, than big update or new feature whatever they said. Job passive needs to be fixed before new update goes alive, once it's fixed many people would create a new character to have more benefit stats.
  14. server down ? Edit Nevermind I got kicked out a few times
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