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  1. ProgrammerX14


    1. If you ban someone for life does their account get deleted? 2. Can you delete someone that no longer uses the account? 3. When do you think you guys are going to make a forget password system? 4. If someone doesn't want their account anymore & they told you to delete it do you just leave it or delete it? 5. What would I have to do for you to delete my account both fourms and in-game account? Username is ProgrammerX14 In-Game name is Aranethon & Rokuro/Rokurox I just want my cape back for my new account, I put money into this game & would like to get it back to play again.
  2. I have forgotten my information or someone has hacked me so can I just get the account deleted?
  3. If you go onto the Itemshop on the Celestia Luna Online website then hover your mouse icon over the item it will/should tell you that each item gives you different stats. Dragon Slayer - Divine Master STR/DEX/INT/VIT +12 WIS +18 Mdef +5% MPrec +8 Dragon Slayer - Armor Master STR/DEX/WIS/INT +12 VIT +18 Pdef +5 Dragon Slayer - Log Master STR/VIT/WIS/INT +12 DEX +18 Crit dmg +5% Dragon Slayer - Spell Master STR/DEX/VIT/WIS +12 INT +18 Matk +5% Dragon Slayer - Weapon Master DEX/VIT/WIS/INT +12 STR +18 Patk +5% Now I could have got one wrong I did it fast so it's best to check the itemshop on the Celestia Luna Online website to be sure, hope this helped. :)
  4. Welcome, have fun! :) If you need any help or anything I'm normally always on. :)
  5. I never know if I want to play Luna or watch Fairy Tail (re-watching it) so I just give up and pass out.
  6. Right now I have five open for fishing, farming, a shop, and two for duel dating! XD I don't understand why people still ask others to duel date to be honest, if you just kill the person you don't want to level up at the time you get more EXP that's what I do anyways and find it works.
  7. I also agree even though many would complain there would be many more that are greatful. Just state that you or the game is not to blame if you sell items you did not mean to sell, but that's just what I think anyways.
  8. ProgrammerX14

    Purified Stone

    If I'm correct it's for the job Priest, they're able to use a skill called revive by using a purified aquamarine to bring a player back to life with saving EXP loss. Again if I'm correct you go to the merchant in Alker Harbor (that's where I got mine) buy a aquamarine + purified water. Use the aquamarine in destruct then after breaking it down it turns into five aquamarine pieces, then use one aquamarin piece in construct to make a purified aquamarine. (You only need one aquamarine piece + one purified water to make a purified aquamarine, you only need to have the purified water in your inventory.)
  9. Okay thanks! I just saw you in game! XD I was in a chicken outfit at Alker Gate, you were sitting down! :3 Rexaric! <3
  10. Just want to know what the strongest guide is for fighter? Something OP that can dd well, tank in pvp, and just take on a lot of enemies. Anything will help thanks! Looking for - Stats Jobs Skills Also equipment would helpful but not needed. Any information on guide would be great! (Side note: Anyone to teach me a little more about the game, like stats and what not. I don't know if PAtk or CR is better so just shows how far behind I am in the game, and how little I know, thanks.)
  11. Sorry I didn't know I'll delete them if I can.
  12. If I know what my characters name in the game is someone able to tell me the email of him or can I go try to get him back? I made him away ago but just forget the username :c Name is Rokuro. lvl should be around 50-80 or so it was a long time ago.
  13. I am so sorry, I just read the rules (I should of done that in the first place sorry) I didn't know you were an admin I just thought you were a GM I am so sorry for wasting your time with stupid questions and thank you for taking the time to read them, again so sorry. Have a good day/night!
  14. I always check spelling sorry and I don't know if this is meant to be but under Roles and Powers of Celestia Staff, under Moderator (Mod) there is a spelling error (ALL GM's start of as moderators unless specifically hired for another purpose.) -^- Sorry for picking this up and telling you just bugged me while reading it, lol. Also I don't know if me posting this along with my question before breaks the rule of Multi-Posting, if so I'm sorry and won't happen again...
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