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  1. turn off the anti-virus.if the game still does the same then reinstall the game with the anti-virus turned off.
  2. Aish

    Daftar Pemain :3

    ikut nimbrung yaw ~ Nama : Aish IGN : actually Job : ... Race : Elph Level : .... Guild : VeryStrong
  3. is there any chance i can join the guild ? cause i'm totally new :(
  4. Hi everyone, cause i'm still new here... Well actually i'm not totally new... So it would be disrespectful if i'm not greeting all of ya... For some of you who maybe know this forum account, yes it was made on 2013... This was, originally my brother account and since he got new one, he handed me down this account... I was clueless when my brother playing this game at first... So i ask him and he said the game he was playing is Celestia Luna Online ( never heard such thing though ) ... Honestly this is my first online game, in the exception of Facebook games.... I go on YouTube, got some gameplay vids. So then i decided to join my brother's way ( yay )... When i heard the word " private server " i think that the game can only accesed by some people... And by some chance, my brother teach me about all stuff in the game... Actually i've played the game for about 5 days but bcause i got some examinations in my school, i'm sorry for the late introduction... Oh yeah and by the way, please let me know you in game. My character's name is " actually "... Thanks you ~ Bonjour <3
  5. Spongebob isn't it ? :mellow:
  6. When the sun rises, i'm gone ~`

  7. Aish


    nice :D
  8. Aish


    No one to chatting with T^T
  9. Aish


    At first, i want to ignore the rules so badly xD, but after seeing the "trouble" and "punishment" i've seen in the forum. I will think a billion times before ignored it :3 Thanks alot anyway :)
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