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  1. 1. Have a clean. Non robe, fraud one billion euro. 2. Got the title of number 1 in top 100 man 3. Have a beautiful wife thats loyal and truthful and two kids. Boy & girl
  2. Strike the blood. The 7 deadly sin anime isnt so good in my opinion. Something is wrong with tat anime. The manga version is awesome though
  3. I use my moving warehouse as extra slot.
  4. technicaly. 1. we cant win them 2. we cant win them? 3. we cant ever win them. unless they are lvl 120 with just 1 time edit and your lvl 150. maybe you can win
  5. The person who vote negative is a 1.) [removed] 2.) [removed] 3.) [removed] dont be a [removed]? please? +1 for dragonslayersking for making celestia luna ALIVE
  6. My cousin left his Asus tab before going back to his house. Now I can sabotage his tab and use the internet in his tab whenever I like, like right now.
  7. gamebots

    Price Check

    Cheap, are u collecting items?
  8. gamebots

    Can't Connect.

    Its not a trojan. Its a pack file. So the system pressume its a trojan. Its save. Dont worry
  9. gamebots

    Map Lagg Grave

    No. Cl require low graphic. This is your problem. 1. You have summon your pet. Pet is a no go in grave. It delay the mobs respawning. 2. Go to pc setting. Graphic. And change to perfomance. 3. Your internet 4. Other players coming to you. You will experience a lil lagg when a player suddenly appear near you. 5. Put everything to minimum. Disable shadow.
  10. Kynee stealth skill us bug.
  11. If your going to be tank 1handed + shield. I suggest u went to infabtry not swordman. And warrior not guard. At knight. You will have 3 aoe skill.
  12. Yes. Sm has a longer range of sb.
  13. when you know that CL isnt balance because of edits which i have never seen anywhere else, players can literally pay to be as strong as a gm itself.. isnt balance because some skills are bug... isnt balance because job passive doesnt work... isnt balance because of missing tooltips... isnt updated because there isnt eneough staff to work on the update... players are banned for small things like ks, bad mouth which is not neccecary to be banned perma eventhough i havent had one. Permanent banned is something serious and should be reconsidered putting 1st, 2nd warning before banned or punishment for all acts. We are your customer. You shouldnt just banned perma. check the player items. If you see dazzling imba items. that player probaly have donated thousands to this server and to you. Thus, reconsider before banning. The fact that CL income is mid. The fact that you cant open your account if you forget your password. The fact that Gm laurel and sparx isnt active. The fact that players can do multi voting by creating 30+ lvl 120 hollow chars. The fact that the community is great but you must work hard to get into that community. im just blabbering to express my feelings and anger.. please dont take it hard.. The only way to make sure a game doesnt die is to update alot. making huge event for every type of celebration. Putting expensive items in item mall duirng events celebration isnt bad. Putting yourself(gm/admin) in Pk mode and tell every player to attack you as a fun event without giving any items for defeating the gms to the players. JUST IGNORE THIS POST.. im just expressing my anger.. dont take it seriously, ignore it
  14. nothing is fix. im totally piss.

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