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  1. Hi, I've tried using the search button however it only lead me to endless job guides, if this has been answered already, could anyone please link me to the post. How is the computation for magic attack % buffs and costumes? i mean i tried using black wizard's robe (10%matk) and it gave my grand master a 500+ boost in magic attack, while boost spell (+15% matk) gave only 300+ boost in magic attack. is that a bug? For the magic casting speed items, it does not stack for grand masters? shrewd spell lvl 5 is 50% speed cast reduction, and it takes 8.7 seconds to cast tornado uppercut so i should be able to cast it for about 4 seconds, but when i tested it on duel and at mobs it took approximately 6 seconds to cast plus im wearing tarintus set and smart worm. is it bugged or is it just like what princess said that it doesn't work on gm's like there's a cap or something? Thank you in advance for those who could help, since Orange is ignored this on discord -.- (yup good admins indeed)
  2. i see, so there's also a support channel at discord, i didnt know about that, since it is said in a post at the announcements section that all pm's and post about account recovery will be deleted. You've been really helpful. By reading your response i felt relieved that what i wanted to know if the support team or the staff in charge of supporting the players are active. :) I see so the staff are currently busy with the updates and new content, guess i'll just be patiently waiting for my account to be recovered and for the new contents please do close the thread now, thank you :) More power to you guys, -Chibz
  3. Hi there, I just came back from playing a month a ago and i filed a ticket to recover my account. This is not anymore a question about my ticket since that is not allowed and will just be ignored. This however is a question on how well are you guys doing (the staff). yes Orange is very active and approachable but what about the other dept, division or whatever you call it. Why create a ticketing customer/client support if no one would even handle it or it would just create false hopes? I created my ticket Ref: #ticket2229 last March 18, 2017 03:23 . and up to now there is not a SINGLE response on how it's been doing, if i they need more information or what from me. Don't get me wrong I love Celestial Luna way way back highschool upto now that i'm working, I'm putting up money on that gacha not just because i really wanted that royal frey wing, but because i wanted to support the game and you guys. but a month of waiting without a response and because of that I'm now thinking that I am being ignored and left out and very very frustrated. My question is, why did you even create a ticketing system when you can't even handle it. it would've been better if i knew that my account cannot be retrieved anymore since that wouldn't raise my hopes up and build up my frustration. again its not a question about my ticket its an inquiry about your System and your plans of action on it. regards, Frustrated returning player - Chibz
  4. so they are just for cuteness and companion ship like the normal pets? orange violet etc? no difference in their stats?
  5. hi there, are there any special bonuses or perks of having an item mall pet or pet from a gacha?
  6. chibz


    i see thank you so much
  7. chibz

    Item Skills

    oh i see thanks for that :)
  8. chibz


    i mean if i have 19 gacha's would i get all the 19 possible items in the list or would i get duplicates of an item e.g. i opened 19 gacha's is it possible that i get two dream of full moon? or is it like i should get all the other items first before getting another dream of full moon?
  9. chibz


    Question: could i get duplicates of an item if i purchased gacha? or is it like dota 2 treasures you wont receive duplicates until u got all the items in the list? sorry for the noob question if ever
  10. chibz

    Item Skills

    Question: Item skills are being removed right? just like kynee's stealh etc. Are you going to remove the passive skills as well? such as magic starting speed +xx%?
  11. chibz

    About Guns

    Cool! thank you so much :)
  12. chibz

    About Guns

    Hi, Good day, for what characters are the gun?
  13. chibz


    Hi, i just bought gems recently and it had a bonus. As i woke up this morning there was no more bonus T.T just wanted to ask would there be another bonus for gems? if so when would it be? thank you in advance! :)
  14. hi Ascension! dunno if you still remember me. im from HOPE too Chibi here!! anyways welcome back!! haha im coming back as well though
  15. Ilysm Chibee. <333'

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