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  1. I see.. Hahaha~ -Playing some games, and the next day it said the Server is down, and its down for more than a weeks. (Other game)
  2. I wonder... who is that.. Tehee~ Someone Talking bad behind you :)
  3. Yeah,.. im only active in forum.. sometimes i will be in game.. but just sitting or shouting to sell something then log off.. Only take nearly 10 minutes Besides i see there's no point being active in game if my feeling still bothered by how they treat me
  4. Playing Celestia Luna, Look at the shoutbox there's a shout of a players that want their char to be returned even they already breaking rules and just mock the authorize.. its called.. Harvesting at where you didnt planting at.. When downloading at 560Kb/s Speed and suddenly decreased to 3-10Kb/s in a second.
  5. Ugh i know dat feels.. When i playing uno with my classmates.. and they keep skipping my turn on purpose using Reverse or Stop >.>
  6. F.E.A.R Is an FPS game right?
  7. Yeap.. Agreed~ Its only because they were too lazy to talk..
  8. My head just cant stop to suggesting games. Another game Dress up ! << Tittle The game is so simple Author as a judge And the player as the particpator. Modeling Contest!! Player must Dress up and Walk to the judge with their own style.. Ex : when they walking to the judge, they make Dance and Emot. or even Trolling can be :3 So The winner will be decided by how creative you are. Judge will use scoring on this thanks
  9. Level grouping is good enough. But Will there be a new map for this level grouping? Like PvP Tournament(1-19) Map . Etc And also just mention it. i think it will be best if there's no PvP for level 1-19. Cause its not effective enough. just make it from 20-39 , and ++++
  10. I just dislike How "They" Play. wont say it specificly to avoid Drama
  11. Make a Joke when someone is philloing. Hoping them to get a bad phillo.. Ex : Player : -Start philloing- Me : SPI SPI SPI SPI SPI SPI! SPI PLEASE!!.. HP HP HP CAN DO! Hahaha :)
  12. Done.. Thanks for another reminded.. Im so Screwd lately.. cant act normally or think normally
  13. Ignored while talking, Or Didnt see my chat on purpose.
  14. Hppy b'day Headmaster Brandon :)
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