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  1. OK thanks all for your answer. It gives me a clear sight about block rate stuff :)
  2. Hi, i have some questions 1. About pdef Is there any correlation about pdef and block rate? I mean higher pdef, higher block rate too? 2.About critical Is that true that block rate reduce your foes critical rate? How about if they have insane critical rate such as 5000? Are we still have a chance to block their attack? 3. Lv gap Let say im lv 105, and my opponent lv 140, is this gap reduce successful block rate? These questions came to my mind since a long ago, hope you be able to answer. Thanks
  3. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right IGN: Zhupailong P.S.: Even Santa came to celebrate New Year with celestians.
  4. Suggestion: always looking for 5G connection.
  5. It was a great time when i play cl last week, i met many of my old friends, zohor, tsuihaku, and the paladin "i forgot his ign". It's a pleasure to see you guys, now i gotta back to work, i wish i could play cl again during my spare time next, cya :)
  6. Hello guys,what's up, how are you doing? Is there anyone who knows me still playing this game?. I miss them so much, oh btw my IGN is zhupailong. If anyone might knows me, please buzz me up. Wanna play this game again on holiday. That's all folks, cya xDD.
  7. Sekhmet + sekhmet is a good option for full damage destroyer. who don't event care for their defense
  8. No as long as you don't kill it with your other player a.k.a dual login
  9. Hello there, i just bought a beaver mask from someone in NC 3. I just wondering is it a legitimate item or not? coz i've never seen this before. Here's the screenshoot:
  10. IMO agility is the best stat for damage dealer fighter type, especially human race. Human get rage burst skill which increase critical damage when wielding sword. Agility increase hit,evasion,critical rate and of course critical damage.
  11. Thanks, I'll start gathering some strong party tomorrow, probably some edits. xD.
  12. thanks, is it possible to solo her? and what about tarintus? I wanna do the boss quest. xD
  13. Do we have to be in specific level in order to summon tarintus or kiera?
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