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  1. I think the 8.2seconds is already enough for cooldown the silence. Class rune master is the minority class compared to the others. Silence is not a big deal compare to foil >.<
  2. IGN: Nartini
  3. Hi... what should i do when this text box appear during the installation?? Someone pls help me
  4. IGN and Lvl : Nartini - 150JOB : Rune MasterHighest Vit: 734
  5. Hi.. Malaysian players still active at alker harbor 9, what ur ign?
  6. IGN and Lvl : Nartini - 147JOB : Rune MasterHighest Patk : 12123
  7. wew... sound interesting :D
  8. rmai je yg main.. Base Malaysia Alker Harbor 9
  9. IGN : Nartini Happy New Year to Celestia Luna.. Hope we can create a great memory this year. :heart:
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