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  1. it IS already sold. uwaaa dang it. then how much it shud be? sir WTS?
  2. how much is kynee with 19 str 19 vit worth? i sold it to someone at 4.8b, was it too expensive or too cheap? thanks~
  3. to sell it quickly just sell it like me, i always sell GC at 45, terra at 55 SG at 1.3 tho, but there's someone who will buy it~
  4. tested it out (got a reset stat) before i reopen this thread and YES IT DOES! it affects crit damage O_o now i really feel stupid for being a pure str entrap...... and the damage output is just as nearly the same as pure str, moreover with the drastic raise on crit rate... so FOR ALL ROGUES out there, always go for pure DEX!!!! answered, might be closed. thanks.
  5. I once read it somewhere in someone's thread, that he said "build a pure dex bla bla bla bla because it'll raise your crit damage" is it true? because hovering my cursor upon the dex stat in char info window shows that dex only affect crit rate, eva, and strike~ thanks~ lovelyfresco
  6. whoooa i see, then if someone who is being black mailed by me also report me, than i'm free for days? whoa dont want that ( ._.) awkey then i'll just post all the rule breakers before i started to black mail them :b [phew, kind of relieved i don't have to turn to the dark side for gold making] answered, might be closed as well..
  7. whoa miss orange, i didn't know if [bad thing] is a bad thing to do O_o but miss, what's the point if you edited my post and qushuk post but you yourself explain it clearly on your post -_- i'm afraid someone or many people will know about it.. you might just delete this thread as well, miss orange.. I [personallly] don't want this kind of tricks spread on CL ( ._.)
  8. whoa, so from the moment I kill my own char to gain PK points, it's illegal already?
  9. actually i'm talking about BLACK MAILING.. let me give an example i caught someone breaking the rules, and then i told him/her that i'm gonna report him/her, except if he/she pay/give me a great ammount of money or expensive items. so, how? thanks~ (and i know someone will think bad about me, but hey, it's how the world WORKS anyway~)
  10. wait, sorry, i didn't quite get it yet... let's assume: my character which i want to be deleveled ( A ) my other character ( B ) first: A → PK mode on, kill B (PK mode off) repeatedly untill get high PK points second: B (PK mode still off) → kill A from which point is it illegal?
  11. is it legal to do that? example: i kill my own character with the character which i want it to be deleveled with PK mode on thus i got high PK points, and then i [do the bad thing] to get the exp penalty.. thanks
  12. whoa, so it's the HC's description/tool tip that wrong saying that only necklaces, rings, and earrings could be philo-ed? they could philo belts as well? awkey, answered. thanks.
  13. just as my title stated, are there any ways to do it? because as far as i know, highly concentrated items from the item mall could only be used on necklace, ring, and earring, right? and amulets are for wing items only... am i wrong? some times i see belt with blue stats... how? thanks~
  14. so the ones from the box and have red colored name aren't permanent? answered. thank you~
  15. awrite, it's clear now.. answered. thank you.
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